Sunday, October 26, 2008

YEA! We're online!

Well... technically we'll actually be a family of seven (including our two 4-legged best friends), but I didn't want to REALLY freak anyone out! ha ha! You want to see freaked out, call us any time :)

Actually, we are so excited we can hardly stand it! Wait, I think you all know, but we are expecting triplets this spring - yes, I'm serious! If you're just finding out, I'm really sorry... life has become a serious whirlwind... please do not take it personally! If it helps, we didn't even tell our parents until just a few weeks ago :)

So, back to the excited part - WOO HOO! Every Thursday marks another milestone in our adventure - this past Thursday I officially completed my 15th week of pregnancy. All three babies look fabulous, all are growing like weeds, all are growing at the same rate, and all are just amazing to see on that ultrasound screen! We have a ton of dcotors appointments, because triplets is considered "high risk" - but that also means we get to peek at them every 2 weeks. Every time we see them our hearts skip a beat - this is the most wonderful, overwhelming, incredible expereince either of us have ever had. We are blessed :)