Monday, November 24, 2008

Baby C!

Baby C photos from the November 17th appointment... he took GREAT 3D's!

Baby B!

Photos from the November 17th appointment - Baby B! He took one of David's favorite photos, the first one... combo Thumbs Up and Hang Loose :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Baby A

Today was our second doctors appointment in Charleston... we go every two weeks here in Beaufort, and every four weeks to Charleston. The best part about so many appointments is that we get to see the babies every two weeks!! Because we have three, they do ultrasounds every time!!

(Just FYI - we go to Charleston as well as Beaufort because it's a Level III NICU, and more than likely the babies will be born there. Beaufort is a Level II, so if everything goes absolutely perfectly, than maybe we could be here... but so far even most of the doctors recommend Charleston for triplets.)

SO - love all my doctors and have a fantastic ultrasound woman here in Beaufort... but I have to say that one cool thing about Charleston is the 3-D ultrasounds! Here are a few photos from todays appointments... which, by the way, really makes me wish I had posted four weeks ago - that way you could really see the difference! It's shocking how much has changed! They're still a little alienish :), but much more like little people now!

For today, Baby A... (regular are good, but 3D were tough to get) Baby B and C to come...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Half way!

It has been an awesome week! We're officially half-way! Craziness... we're going to have three babies... and before spring break!! Guess it's still sinking in a little more every day :)

So, back to the awesome week... lots happened!
  • We completed our 18th week of pregnancy!
  • I can feel the babies! It's so crazy... if I lie on my back my belly kind of flattens out - then it's a waiting game. Out of nowhere one entire side (about the size of a plam-full) of my stomach raises up about an inch... they're too small still for me to see an elbow or a foot or anything... so I'm thinking it's an entire little body. My guess is they're playing leapfrog in there, but can't quite get all the way over :) Yesterday it was all Baby B... today all Baby A!
  • I'm growing like crazy - I bought my first maternity clothes today :) A few great friends helped me out this week with things I could wear to work when I realized that my clothes weren't fitting anymore - thank you - and today was the first actual shopping. While not neccesarily attractive, I have to say that prego pants are quite comfortable!
  • This was the first week I could really tell when I missed out on one of my prescribed rests. If I missed one, by the end of the day it felt like there was a bowling ball in the bottom of my belly - the pressure is intense. Who knew, the doctors do know what they're talking about! It's certainly made me take better care of myself :)
  • I'm even more convinced that David is the best husband ever!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

16 weeks - we're pregnant?

Morning! We are a few days past the 16-week mark - YEA! We celebrate every week - I guess that's just how it goes for anxious, first-time parents :)

Four months down! Only 20 weeks to go... I think I'm still in disbelief. It's so crazy - we talk about the babies at least every hour, but in a way I feel like I'm still getting used to the idea that I'm actually pregnant! I look down and it's obvious I'm pregnant (belly photos coming soon), and I look at my day-to-day eating and sleeping perscriptions and know I've got to be pregnant, but it's all still so surreal... when will it hit me?

I started really thinking about this yesterday after a few great phone chats :) One was with my cousin who is an amazing mom to 3 kids, and the other was with one of my bff's who just had her first baby 6-weeks ago... it was so good to talk with each of them, and talk about a reality check! I LOVE talking to friends and family about the babies - I always get off the phone super excited... all of your enthusiasm pumps mine up even more :) Yesterday was of particular significance because I think I've officially entered the "beg for advice" stage. I know, I've heard a thousand times that I'll get tired of all the advice I hear over the next few months... but right now, I think I'm starting to realize that I'm actually pregnant and starting to scramble a little bit... the panic of not only how in the world do I know HOW to get ready, and the age-old how will I find TIME to get ready?! Anyway, the girls were awesome :) Good advice, practical advice, talk of the good times but also not sparing me the not-so-fun stuff - and all with love and enthusiasm. LOVE girlfriends!

Also, friends and family have started planning baby showers - I am so lucky to have such good peeps! But, it is SO weird that they're planning baby showers for US! I just can't get over it... especially when asked if we've registered. Registered for what?! Where's the manual that spells this out for me? Girls - I'll be calling :)

We've talked about wanting to have a baby for what feels like a long time... and both of us have always known we want to have kiddos running around... I guess maybe it's just still surreal that this is actually coming true for us. It might be the hormones, but every time I think about how lucky we are I get all teary... WE get to have babies!