Sunday, August 15, 2010

Power Outage

Almost every day something happens that might be ordinary in other houses... but in ours it feels extraordinary :) For example, preparing for an emergency... I'm not talking mandatory evacuation hurricane stuff (please, not this year!), I'm talking things like a power outage. Seems pretty simple, right? Ha ha! This week we got to practice our power outage plan - fun. No exclamation point on purpose. But now that we've had to practice, we do feel much better :)

Actually it wasn't too bad, and it gave us a good chance to practice what we should do. It happened at 6:05am on Tuesday... I was sleeping, but I'm sure that's when it happened because a few of Samuel's alarms started going off and woke me up :) The two machines that have to have power in order to stay on are the oxygen concentrator (which provides Samuel the extra oxygen he needs) and the heater on the ventilator (which makes the air Samuel breaths warm and moist - not terrible if it's off for a little bit, but if off for long periods of time Samuel runs the risk of developing a mucus plug which could entirely cut off his airway). The oxygen concentrator is the machine that alarms anytime it loses power - and it puts the fire alarm to shame. It's on 24/7 when Samuel is at home. Up we jumped! But we did pretty well... attached him to an oxygen tank in place of the concentrator and put an inline humidifier on the vent in place of the heater.

We were incredibly lucky this happened at 6am instead of 6pm, for a couple reasons. First, we were lucky because everything else charges overnight... so everything else was charged. Talk about a wake up call though - were this to happen at 6pm instead of 6am, things wouldn't have been charged so we wouldn't have had that much time to wait for the power to come back on before having to pack up and head out either to Omi's house or the local hospital, depending on the extent the power outage. Second, we have to be very careful about Samuel getting overheated. His little body gets really hot, really quickly. I think it may be partially due to his diuretic, but whatever the reason, our house has to be at 72 degrees with the ceiling fans on in order to keep that boy cool. At 6am it's much cooler than at 6pm!

Fun, fun, for everyone! George, Olivia, and Samuel had no idea anything ever happened. We were lucky and power was back on before 7am. Too funny, we had two more power "blips" today... at least we feel ready! As ready as you can be :)

Hello? Local power company? I would like to talk to your president about preventing power outages at my house...

A few moments of normalcy... more and more of them every day :)


Tell George to smile and you get this hysterical fake smile...
but ask him to show you his teeth, and you get the cutest smile you ever did see!

Hey dad, check it out - this kid is even more handsome up close!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Olivia loves accessories! She has enjoyed inspecting earrings and necklaces from the first day she noticed them. This time we were lucky enough to get a few memories on film :)

Home from the pool... but this boring bathrobe just isn't cutting it...

A sparkly headband and sunglasses - much better!
Thank you for the compliments Omi!

May I help you?
I think she knows how cute she is - we are in trouble!

Yep, Olivia is workin' the cuteness :)

10 minutes later she is playing away... and I'm pretty sure Olivia forgot she even has accessories on :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010


No worries, the lack of posting does not mean a thing... other than it's been a crazy few weeks! Where to begin? I have a feeling this post is going to be all over the place, so please bear with me.

First, I think I failed to mention that George and Olivia are officially walkers! That actually happened a few weeks (or more?) ago. It is so much fun! They are practically running everywhere, especially any time we are outside and during that hour right before bedtime when they become delirious. Olivia has been able to walk for a while now, but wasn't really into it... until George started to walk. George had been trying forever, so when he picked it up, he was determined not to spend any more time crawling... and took quite a few spills, but overall rocked. Then, Olivia decided she wanted to chase George. There is no more crawling in our house!

Unless of course you count Samuel's scoot as a crawl :) He's not really moving too far yet, but he has two methods of inching along. One is in the sitting position - he has figured out how to bob up and down and use his feet to kind of pull himself forward. Hysterical! The second is on his back - he has been able to push himself around for a while now, but recently has learned how to aim. He pushes, peeks at where he wants to go, turns appropriately, and starts pushing again. Smart kiddo. Although he has gotten himself into some interesting predicaments.

We have also had quite a few adventures lately. Some involved road trips, others doctors appointments (pulmonology and neurology but no news to report), others playing in the fountains - and trying not to end up face down - at the pool, others learning new games that all three babies can play together, and then there is losing a gtube. Yes, really. Samuel's gtube fell out. Sorry buddy, but ew! We will come back to the other adventures later...

On Wednesday, the gtube almost fell out. Luckily Stefanie, Samuel's nurse, was at our house because it's been a while since I've had gtube 101. She deflated the gtube balloon of its remaining 1mL of saline, pushed the gtube back in, and put the 1mL back in the balloon. (The inflated balloon is inside Samuel and is what keeps the gtube in place.) Off Samuel and I went to the doctor - all appeared okay. YEA! Until Friday, when I got a call from Stefanie that it had completely fallen out. On my way! Once again I was lucky that Stefanie was there - she was able to put a foley catheter in place of the gtube and tape it in a way that would keep it in place and keep the hole open. We packed up and headed to our local ER to have it replaced. Luckily the stomach is considered "dirty," so we didn't have to be too worried about an infection. (DB was at the grocery store with G and O... he came home to an empty house just a little worried :) )

About 2 1/2 hours later, after numerous calls to everywhere within an hour of our local hospital, we got the news that no one had a replacement gtube for Samuel. Ugh. While thankful for all of the work put into looking for one, we were also not excited that it was now almost 2pm and we were headed to back to our old stomping ground, Charleston. Then again, we are very comfortable with the drive :) Ha ha! Actually, kind of sad ;) But without a gtube, no food and no meds. Once there, we got a new gtube, some advice on a nutritionist (totally different subject, but YEA!), and back home by 7:30 in time to kiss G and O goodnight. Turns out the old gtube had a slow leak, which is fairly common after it's been in a few months. Something to keep in mind I suppose.

Got your nose!

Hairdo by dad :) Exhuausted after a swim, but still a cutie.

We are working on only getting into one cabinet, instead of all of them. Who knew she would take that so literally?!

Our little fashionista! If it's not accessories, it's four dresses at one time :)

The Samuel back-scoot... here's a hint, follow the oxygen tubing :) Need another hint? I'm pretty sure you can't watch TV from underneath!

Another Samuel back-scoot... this time he hit his target instead of going under it!