Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Marching this Saturday!

So much to post, so little time... how many times have I said that in the last few months?!  Sheesh, that excuse is getting old.  Moving on...

This Saturday, April 20th, are walking for the fourth year in the March of Dimes March for Babies!  We would be absolutely honored if you are able to support our fundraising efforts and/or walk with us!  The continued support from friends and family for this event has been incredible, and we are excited to be taking part in the walk this weekend.   

It's hard to believe that in only four years we've gone from only being able to take George and Olivia to the walk and now to all three probably walking the 3 miles on their own two feet :)  Our first year Samuel was still in the hospital, the second year he was still trached and using the ventilator, the third year he joined us - hooray, and now here we are...

It's also hard to believe we're moving into a new phase with Samuel... it's been one year (3/19/2012) since his last helicopter trip, which means one year since a medical emergency.  (That was one of the March milestones we've been waiting to celebrate!) His doctors were right, measuring success by weeks and months, rather that day by day, really shows how far we've come!  

As Samuel has begun to excel at living, and we take on new challenges with development, I can't forget the places from which we have come.  I can't forget how lucky we are to have our three children... how lucky we are to hug them every morning... how lucky we are that two of our three 28-week preemies are growing and developing right along with their peers... and how lucky we are that the sickest of our kiddos is home, and happy, and growing into a little boy right before our eyes. 

We are late getting started, between new docs and new therapies it's been a busy few months, but we are planning to spend April 20th walking and just being thankful :)    

No new video this year, but I click on the old ones for inspiration and hope you'll take a minute to do the same :)  Click here for the story of us from 2012!  Our NICU story is still posted, too... click here for that one

Our eyes have been opened and I just can't forget.  I can still close my eyes and remember everything about that NICU; the good, the bad, the terrifying, and the truly miraculous.  I can also remember the stories of the families around us, and am forever changed.  Babies, and their families, need the March of Dimes research.

If you are able to help in any of the following ways, it would be hugely appreciated!
  • Make a donation to our walk :)
  • Walk with us!  Regardless of a donation, join us on April 20th!  It's at 9am from the skate park to the Sands.
  • Forward along our story... by email, by facebook, by whatever, to more people who may be interested in supporting the March of Dimes.
Thank you for considering a gift... every dollar really does bring the March of Dimes closer to ensuring that one day, all babies will be born healthy.

Thank you... for everything :)
Bethany, David, and of course Olivia, George, and Samuel