Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Swimming... for Samuel

Never underestimate Middle School and High School students! Yes, really :)

The school swim season started in August (BB is coaching again - thank you for your patience and encouragement, DB!), and the first swim meet was in late August. At the beginning of the meet I had just finished my "do not write on yourself" speech... for example, no "Eat My Bubbles"... when I turned around and saw two 9th grade boys writing on each other and looking sneaky. Needless to say I then began my "did you not hear me" speech :) Mid-speech, a senior girl taps me on the shoulder and says, "It's okay Coach, we're allowed... we asked the officials!" Huh? You asked the officials what? I looked a little closer and see a bunch of the kids have "S" written on their hands... and some have "S4S" or "sfs"... and some have "Swimming for Samuel" completely written out.

Needless to say, my speech went from "blah, blah, blah" to "boo, hoo, hoo" :) Swimming for Samuel... what a special day it was! And what amazing kids I get to coach.

A few of the swimmers show off their Samuel support :)

He can't quite get in the pool yet, but Samuel can't wait! What a happy boy! Thank you Swim Team! (He has little mittens on so he can't scratch himself :) )

Sunday, September 6, 2009


We have been excited about taking our babies swimming since we first found out we were pregnant... today, it happened! (Too funny, when we found out it was triplets, we thought 'how in the world...' :) Good friends are invaluable!) We swayed, we kicked we blew bubbles, we "floated" on our backs, and we "jumped" off the side! It was surreal... and incredible. The only thing that could have made today better, was if Samuel were with us too. Soon!

Too many pictures to choose from! Our friends Josh and Kristen came to help out... and took some amazing photos! Here are a few of the best...

A little timid at first...

Ummm... Dad... not quite sure about this...

Mom, can we just cuddle?

But not for long!!!

You were right - this is fantastic!!

Skeptical... fascinated... and completely content...

We love to swim!!! Phelps and Torres - watch out! We're training :)

Too precious not to post :)