Friday, December 31, 2010

Maaarrry Kiss-mas!

... and Kiss-mas Pandles (Christmas Candles), Kiss-mas Tee (Tree), Kiss-mas Moo-sic (Music), Kiss-mas Wreaf (Wreath), Kiss-mas Lights... you name it, George loved it and was excited to talk about it!

What a wonderful First Christmas-together-as-a-family we had! All five of us under one roof, now THAT is a Christmas wish come true :) Also a wonderful treat, DB and I caught a few minutes to ourselves with the help of Omi, Mo, Do, and Stefanie... Christmas Eve service and later in the week a morning walking on the beach followed by lunch at one of our favorite places, JCT... it was strange to be alone for so long... we laughed because we found ourselves talking about the kiddos almost the entire time :)

During the the Christmas season, we also had a few unwelcome bugs... Olivia and BB with 48-hour doozies that were no fun but also nothing to really worry about. Samuel, on the other hand, got his first strep throat/ear infection, which is something to worry about. To make a long story short, we have an amazing nurse who is in tune with Samuel, great doctors, and superstar little man - he got better without having to be in the hospital - this is HUGE!

Christmas Day in pictures :)

Christmas morning... not sure who is more excited, the kids with the new toy or the guy with the lit up nose :)

Off to Omi's for Christmas Breakfast... PJ's and all :)

Samuel and Mo look pretty happy :)
(This was a tough decision - the photo I took right before this one was Samuel trying to drive Mo's scooter... the kids loved it!)

Santa was very smart to put a few new trucks in George's stocking!

Miss O wasn't quite ready to pose... but that didn't stop me from taking pictures! ha ha!

I think Samuel likes opening presents... but even more so, playing with the ribbons.

Nice job Uncle Jay - the yellow car was a huge hit!

Woo Hoo - Thomas the Train video!

Oops - the cars got away from George once or twice... but it sure did make for a cute bootie shot :)

Christmas Night... and more presents!
It was great, the opening presents actually lasted for a few days. I suppose next year will be different, so we cherished it even more :)

I'm pretty sure Omi and Olivia are having a good time :)

For me?! Even if it's not, can I open it? Ha ha!

For the most part, they did a great job sharing their new toys...

George could arrange, and rearrange, these pieces all day.

For the most part, Samuel was too busy crawling and pulling up on anything his height to worry about opening presents. Although once we got him started, tearing the wrapping paper was great :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Santa Claus Came To Town

I had a slew of plans for the three weeks that Mo, Do, and Uncle Aaron were here (he made it in on Christmas Eve!). Unfortunately, they were cut short by a loving reminder from DB and Samuel's pulmonologist that Samuel is still medically fragile and being around lots of people, many of whom have germs, is a very bad idea. Bummer. He looks fine to me ;) Ha ha!

There was one plan that could not be stopped... Santa must have known we couldn't make it to see him, so he sent one of his helpers to see us! His visit was one of our Christmas highlights!

Sweet! Santa is coming!

Ummmm... hi Santa... now BYE Santa!

Who's first to sit on Santa's lap?! No volunteers :)
(Our friend Lucas came too - the kids had so much fun together!)

The Best of Santa Photos

Samuel went first...
Woo Hoo! Check out this cool guy in the red suit! He brought presents!
(Apparently he has met too many people during his first two years - Samuel had no hesitations!)

See, I'm smiling... now all done!

High Five!

No thank you Santa, I'm good on the gifts, can I get down now?

The Worst of Santa Photos :)

Have I met you before? No? Ok, but you look very familiar :)




Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Decorating The Tree

We went to Omi's a few nights ago to help her decorate the tree... all eight of us had a great time! Omi, BB, DB, Olivia, George, Samuel, and grandMO AND grandDO! Yea! They are here for three weeks! Since traveling isn't easy for either of us, it's been nearly a year since we last saw them, so this is an extra special treat :)

Decorating the tree requires special accessories, according to Olivia. She added the belt, purse, and scarf all by herself :)

Do and George checking out some finger puppets at Omi's house. There was no fooling these babies, they knew the horse, from the giraffe, from the octopus!

Magic! George loved turning the tree lights on... and off... and on... and off...

Out came the tub of ornaments and George and Olivia lit up!

Samuel checked out a few ornaments...

... but the tissue paper was his favorite :)

A few of the ornaments got everyone's attention :)

George and Mo having story time. They took turns pointing out characters :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday Preparations

Yes, DB put up the Christmas lights and the wreaths (thank you Omi!)... and yes, we have some Christmas decorations and pandles (candles, but it's cuter the way George says it) set up... and yes, we are getting a tree... but those aren't the preparations I'm talking about.

I am going to take entirely too many photos in the next few weeks, and need to get my posts up-to-date before that happens, which includes posting these pictures from the last month that I love :)

Yep, starting in the back yard :)

Rain or shine, warm or cold, George loves his trucks!

Hmmm... not sure how I feel about this... I think I like crawling inside better for right now ;)
At least Samuel tried it!

Another picnic for three... this time we moved the table into the sunshine. Love that vitamin D!
Samuel can't stand on his own yet, but he sure loves to try!

Smiling girl :)

For candy? Or for rocks, acorns and sticks?! The latter has been a favorite at our house!

Everyone loves a turn on the hammock... and sometimes you give in and just try to balance as many people at once as you can!

Hangin' Out Inside
Oh my, George... what big feet you have!
Trying on mommy's and daddy's shoes is the new thing.

Olivia gives it a shot too, but also adds the vest for the full look :)

Samuel was just lounging and laughing at his brother and sister :)

Every day that our favorite cousin comes to visit is a good one!
Olivia loved hearing more than mama's Twinkle Twinkle song coming out of the piano :)

Whew! Another busy day :)
Samuel, let this also be a lesson to you that this is what happens when you don't take your nap! Ha ha!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Three of Them?

Agh! There are three highchairs at the end of my dining table! No one should be allowed to have this much fun :)

Three babies all wanting to play with the same box...

Thanks for the effort in that smile, George :)

As she would say, "Oh-ee's turn!"

Check it out, I'm in the kitchen and no one had to carry me here! Yea!

... and three babies all giving me their best fake smile :)

Good morning!

If I smile, will you take this sticker off my shirt?

Smile, or patented Funny Face - one can't be too sure sometimes :)