Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Those" People

We are officially "those" people.  Last night we all went out to dinner (thanks Mo & Do!)... and when I say we ALL went, I mean Mo, Do, Kristen, and the five of us... yes, we took all three kiddos.  Oh yes, we were SO "those" people!

Waiter: Would you prefer this table (in the middle of the restaurant)? 
            Or, this table (in the corner)?
DB and BB: Seriously?!

Let the fun begin!  Unless you were also eating Mexican food that night, and in that case, I apologize :)

Woo Hoo!  We're at a restaurant WITH our kiddos!  You think anyone minds that we're "those" people, letting our children stand on the seat... ha ha!  If we only knew how tame this was!

10 minutes into the trip - the food arrives!  Talk about a crazy looking table, hope the waitress didn't mind that we were so busy trying to get everyone settled that we kind of just ordered one of everything :)  It was also at this point we realized Samuel was NOT very happy... uh oh...

The rest of the eating experience was about like this for Mr. Samuel...

Samuel, what's wrong?  AHHHHHHH
Samuel, let's play with every book and toy we brought... AHHHHHHH
Samuel, what can I do to make you happy?  AHHHHHHH

Light bulb comes on - the boy didn't take a nap today and all he wants to do is explore, not be stuck in the corner of a booth.  Great!

So unbelievably loud, this has to be funny or I just might cry :) 
Please notice in the close up that there are no tears... he's just mad!  The great thing about this is Samuel is definitely, finally, expressing himself.  Who knew temper tantrums could be cause for a mini celebration?!

Meanwhile, DB has finished feeding George and Olivia and they are quite content... Olivia sucking on the lemon from DB's water and George cleaning his plate.  Characters!
Too funny, Olivia was quite happy to be cuddled into the crook of DB's armpit the entire meal and George spent the dinner hour making sure everyone had a chip... if you ate it, he replaced it. 

Kristen takes her best shot with Samuel...

... and BB spends a moment taking a deep breath :)

At this point I'm pretty sure the waitress asked if we were okay and my mom (Mo) responded that the gentleman in the corner was clearly not pleased with his meal.  Ha ha!

Clean Plate Club!

Olivia, all that's left is the lemon rind, give it to me... the joys of motherhood :)

George and Olivia: Mo and Do, this was GREAT!


Nothin' we can't handle :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Time Out, Hooray!

It happened.

We knew there would be a day, and Monday was it.

He finally crossed the line... and Samuel had to sit in time out.

Samuel had to sit in time out!!!!  Woo Hoo!  My boy was angry and frustrated and instead of giving up on the toy he was playing with, he chucked it across the room with full force!  Go Samuel!  (The first throw wasn't necessarily cause for time out, but the purposeful next three angry throws were :) )

I was so shocked, happy, amazed, that I didn't even get a photo... or so I thought... check out the background of the one below.  Nice work Do!  Love you Samuel :)  I was so proud of your minute in time out!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Water-filled Weekend

We had a great, love-living-on-the-coast, weekend!   The Water Festival kicked off on Friday night and we were downtown bright and early Saturday to cheer on the kids from school in the Raft Races... Randy's Rafters showed tremendous effort, but unfortunately a steering problem had them out of it after the first round :) 

After a lap around the other festivities, including convincing Olivia not to run out and chase the balls in the bocce ball tournament, trying to combine the words Shrimp and Boat, zooming past all the artist booths to escape little fingerprints, and of course running and crawling as fast as possible in big open spaces, we packed up and headed to Omi's house just a few short blocks away.  It was a great morning!

Sunday was our first trip to the beach since DB's surgery!  It was so nice to be back in the sand and waves!  Kristen, Josh, and Josh's mom met us there for support, good thing because we needed it... these little buggers are getting faster by the day!

Only thing that could have made this weekend better... the US taking home the title.  Boo.  Sorry ladies.  You still rock!

On a side note, this past week we had a pulmonary appointment that was not water filled :)  Lungs sound great!  Samuel's CO2 is still a bit high, but other numbers seem to be in check so that's good.  The CO2 is still high enough to cause some concern so we're checking O2 sats at night.  We'll see.  But overall a great appointment!  Another med was cut in half and our next appointment isn't for two months... crazy.  Quickest appointment ever, and we even had time to visit our NICU friends.  I love those visits!  Samuel impressed his friends with his walking :)

Absolutely no photos from our weekend, was too busy chasing little people.  But, some great ones from a few weeks ago... pre-buzz cut :)

 Not sure I can explain my joy at finding Samuel in the sandbox... he has been more and more adventurous and testing his abilities and I just love it!  A few months ago, getting over the ledge would have been a huge hurdle, but Samuel's confidence and willingness to give it a shot it are increasing daily. 

 George loves his trucks!

 I'm smiling because I love the water...
but also because I have the entire water table to myself!  This never happens!

 Quick break from the trucks for a pat-pat :)

 Hi mom!
Samuel loves to open and close anything he can get his hands on, with no real interest in what's on the other side.  He just loves to open and close and inspect the hinges with extra special care :)

 Back to the truck!

Olivia's reply to "do you like your big wheel?" 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Do It Yourself

We don't really consider ourselves big time do-it-yourselfers (we have some friends who epitomize the word, which makes our projects seem not as major), but we have done some pretty cool stuff!  A few examples are that DB fenced in our entire backyard (prob about 1/2 acre) and built a little fish pond in our backyard :)  I suppose my contribution to DIY would be the few bows I just made... yes, me!  I actually made the one Olivia wore on the 4th of July!  If you don't know me and think that's a pretty lame DIY project, well, maybe through my excitement you now know me a little bit better.  Ha ha!

Our greatest DIY project, and reason for this post, has to be our most recent... this past Sunday we cut Samuel's hair!  All by ourselves!  He looks so handsome :)  Now before you think we've lost it because we gave him a little buzz cut, you have to realize what we are/were dealing with... first, Samuel will need probably three times as many haircuts as anyone else in our family, so we had to try it ourselves at some point.  The boys hair is crazy thick and full - thanks DB!  He's come a long way since his ICU days :)  Second, while I realize his hair looked great in photos, you should have seen it in real life... it was an absolute, bushy, partied-too-hard-last-night, mess.  Let's just say the boy needed a cut :)

Kristen and Josh were there for help and backup... here goes nothin'!

 Let the snipping fun begin!  Woo Hoo!  I like this cape, daddy :)

 Mama, watch the ear please, I've only got two of them...
(You should have seen the look on Kristen's face when I chuncked off a huge lock... I think that was when she realized how serious we were :)  Then reality set in and I started my nervous laugh... uh oh.)


Clippers are ticklish!  Why is everyone so serious?  This is great!
(Thank you DB for being so serious... there were no bald spots!)

 An all out family affair... until we were finished and I asked Olivia if she wanted to go next.  I had to quickly assure her I was joking before the "you're crazy" look begin giving way to "ahhhhhhhh!"

 Alright folks, this is getting old...
wait, I have a joke, how many people does it take to cut a 2-year olds hair?

 About halfway finished and check out the massive amounts of hair on the floor...
we are convinced Samuel is about 10 degrees cooler with his new 'do.

 Mama, is this just another chance for you to squeeze my cheeks?

 Almost finished...

Woo Hoo!  Haircut by dad!
Since we bathed away the itchiness of the new haircut,
I'm pretty sure Samuel has not stopped smiling :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Time With Friends

There is nothing like time with friends!  We were very lucky to be blessed with visits from two of my best friends in the last two weeks.  I mentioned before that my friend Brooke came in town - not sure how I'll ever post all the great photos she took, and then last week my friend Julie came in town and brought her two kiddos, Hunter and Cecilia (2 and 4).  We were so spoiled to have such wonderful times together!

Brooke joins in Wabooshkie, and George and Olivia go full throttle!

Brooke brought this fabulous accessory... which also provided a few funny moments of terror.  Ha ha!  Once it caught on, the purple hair was a total hit!

Once again, more laughter courtesy of Brooke :)

Cecilia and BB reading about princesses :)

Hunter and DB talk about trucks :)
I guess some things are universal!

Even more fun with friends!

Samuel and Hunter compare notes about the always-loads-of-fun pine straw :)

George the Disciplinarian
George had to put one of his friends in time out this week,
apparently the alligator pushed Olivia :)
All I know is that from the kitchen I heard George lecturing someone,
and this is what I came out to find...

You might have to squint, but the troublemaker is located near George's toes :)

When I asked George if he thought the alligator was ready to come out of time out, he was very sure he was not!  Then I'm almost positive George mentioned something about the alligator needing to collect himself?!  Seriously?!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More Maiden Voyages!

It's really been a big last couple days!  In addition to Samuel's first trip to a store, as noted in DB's post :), we had two more big moments... a car ride and a group activity!

First, yesterday DB had his follow up appointment with his surgeon.  The appointment went really well, and despite the fact that his chest tube hole won't stop bleeding (darn blood thinners), the doctor was really pleased with the actual sternum-cracking-scar.  He thought DB looked good!  And, cleared him to start doing a few more things!  DB still has to be really careful for about two more weeks, his sternum isn't quite healed yet, and any damage could lead to life-long issues, but he is excited to have a bit more freedom. 

I think he'll try to get into cardiac rehab next week and they can help him along.  But, DB did drive the car about a mile down to the drugstore last night - YEA!  The last four weeks he has had to rely on a ride to go anywhere... in addition to being really uncomfortable in the car.  It's still a bit uncomfortable, and turning the wheel is a bit difficult, so I think his drives may not be more than a mile or so for a little while.  But, I think it's going to be great for DB to be able to get out of the house on his own a bit.  (Especially since it will be about eight more weeks before he is cleared to resume his pre-surgery life.)

Second, and possibly the coolest thing (yes, even better than Wal-Mart), we went to church as a family this past Sunday!  Not only was it great just to go, but this was also the first time our children have done any type of nursery school/play group/etc... EVER.  They've never really been to any public places besides doctors offices, grocery shopping, and the park - this was huge!  Our friend Gwen said she would help out in the nursery that day, so we were able to leave all three while we went to the service - it was wild.  Thank you so much Gwen!

I cried.  It was kind of embarrassing.  I just couldn't help myself!  We walked away from the nursery and the tears just came!  Luckily there was an empty hallway I could cry in and collect myself :)  Hopefully this will make their first day of 2-year old preschool easier?!  Geez!

They had a great time!  George was perfectly happy... Samuel had fun, but really wanted to explore past the baby gate blocking the door... and Olivia did well except for one meltdown, during which they almost had to come get me, but in the end she collected herself and enjoyed a little cup of goldfish.  Yea!

I got absolutely no photos from either of these events!  Sad.  The boys looked so cute in their matching green shirts and of course Olivia was adorable in her summer dress... boo.  But, we did get some great photos of the new pool daddy picked out at Wal-Mart!

 Fun, fun, for everyone!
Although we had to explain to Scout he couldn't get in this pool because it would pop, poor guy.  He did make sure to take a drink once the kids were finished... ew, grass and sand!

 Olivia was not only all smiles, but also the first to grasp the slide from one pool to another... she loved it!  Slide, laugh, run back to the bigger pool, and repeat!

 After a brief hesitation, Samuel joined right in the fun too!  He was splashing and playing right along with G and O :)

 Mamma, do you mind?  I'm busy!
Of course Samuel's favorite thing was to go in and out of the shallower pool...
what a mess, but he loved it!

I couldn't catch George in the pool, he was a crazy man and then running all over with his dump truck, but I did sneak this photo of him giving Samuel a smooch... I love it :)  
Notice there are no pillows on the couch? 
They created a landing pad for bouncing children :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

God Bless America!  And thank you for our third fourth of July with our babies... second all together.  I really do love seconds :)  (2009 here - 2010 here)

These were our best shot at a group photo...
above, Omi, Samuel, and Olivia look great!  As for George, well...

... hmmm, better because all three kiddos are looking I suppose,
but look at those crazy "smiles"!
The good news is that our Omi, Mo, and Do keep finding the cutest red, white, and blue, so even if we can't all smile at the same time, we're still pretty darn cute :)

Individuals went a little bit better :)

Daddy's Little Girl?

Yep, I think so :)