Friday, August 28, 2009

Life in the NNICU

You may think that Life on the Homefront sounded pretty sweet... but I can't lie, Samuel is a spoiled little boy :) Don't get me wrong, I think he will like home better than the hospital, and we can't wait to bring him here, but in the meantime we couldn't be happier with not only the care he receives but also the way the medical team loves on our boy.

A few photos of our sweet Samuel... and of course, a medical update :)

If I look a little unsure...

... it's just because I'm getting used to my new bed! Check out my HUGE crib! This is a serious upgrade from the radiant warmer. I've got my library and reading chair at one end, all my toys, some medical supplies, and still enough room to stretch out. Sweet! (And of course, I would rather look at my nurse friends than any toy :) )

Ha ha! Nothing to be unsure about... I love my new set-up!

Check it out - I get to wear clothes again! I haven't been able to wear clothes in WEEKS! Not sure I could get any cuter...

... oh, wait. Clothes AND a little smile... I can get cuter!

I even get to hang out with mom and dad again... also something I haven't done in weeks. I love to be held!

I also got to paint mom and dad a picture! George and Olivia are sure going to be jealous!

Samuel is doing so well! After a bad CT scan of his lungs, followed by two weeks of paralysis (beginning July 10th) and not being sure he would ever come home, on July 23rd we were given the good news that the medical team was becoming more optimistic (a quick recap :). It was the hardest two weeks of our lives. When they lifted the paralysis Samuel began to stir almost right away... even though he was still heavily sedated. DB and I saw his eyes open for the very first time in two weeks on July 24th. It was the most incredible feeling!

Since then, Samuel has had a few ups and downs... but mostly ups with just a few dips :) He is still on the JET ventilator - the one that gives lots of little puffs of air (he's currently getting 320 small breaths/minute), he is weening off a few meds for some slight pulmonary hypertension, and we are keeping an eye on some ventricles in his head that appear to be a little swollen. He has also regained strength in his eyes since waking up from the paralysis... for the first few weeks his eyes tended to go a little screwy when he got tired. It's got to be nice to be able to see straight again! Samuel has also had a few high temps and some skin irritation, but nothing we're too worried about.

All in all... things are good! Prayer is amazing! Our goal is for him to come home around his 1st birthday, at the end of January. Samuel is a fighter!

**I get the question... "So, is Samuel better?" a lot, and unfortunately there's not a great answer for this. He is doing much better! But, we are still in a scary place... bottom line - he is in intensive care and will be for a while. The medical team is very optimistic, as are we. I wish there were more specifics, but that's about the best answer I have. We'll take it :) **

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Life on the Homefront

Life is good! Mr. Samuel is truckin' along in the hospital... and George and Olivia are ruling the roost!

Who... us?

Yes, you! Especially when Gran"mo" and Gran"do" came to visit... not sure G or O's feet ever touched the floor :)

These two kiddos are taking off - growing, learning, and getting bigger every day! Olivia scoots around on her back - George is rolling over - and both babies are talking up a storm. It's incredible to watch! A quick photo catch-up from the last few weeks...

Why sit, when you can stand and shake your bootie! (It's crazy, the little girl won't sit down!)

You're right dad, pockets are great for little boy's toys :)

This photo couldn't get any cuter... except when I called the NICU to check on Samuel and the nurse has coincidentally put him in the same shirt! Yes, really!

Ahhh - the art of self soothing :)

Nothing better than a full belly!

"Who, me?"

"Aw, mom!"


It's hysterical... you can make all the funny faces in the world, but what Olivia loves is when other people laugh! Gets her every time :)

We are slowly getting used to life without Cousin Kelley... who came for three weeks when Samuel wasn't doing so well. What a blessing! We were able to focus on being strong for our littlest guy and still know our big kiddos were in great hands!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Ten Pound Party - Part 2!

Samuel is 10 pounds!!! He is getting so big - it is incredible! Not only does our little miracle continue to amaze us... he continues to grow. Medically, this is the best thing he can do... get bigger and stronger... and he's doing it :)

The celebration! Of course, Samuel slept through the group photo! In the lobby, George and Olivia had their first taste of cake frosting :)

Uh huh... asleep... right. I see that little smirk!

I knew it! He's totally awake!

Hi dad! Please help me get rid of this feeding tube :)

Mom! That's so embarrassing!

Below... oh how far we've come... go Samuel, go NICU team, go Prayer, go God!