Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!! I know, it's a bit late, but like everyone else, we've been busy... my parents were in town for an entire week! It was awesome to have them here :) I felt kind of bad because we didn't do a whole lot... I get tired pretty quickly... but they assured me they had a great time just relaxing. This was our first Christmas in Beaufort, and we were so lucky to have them here!

We also got to spend Christmas with DB's local family. It was such a treat! Plus, we got to celebrate with our dogs :) Not sure they really knew the reason for the season, but the dialogue we created for them suggested they were psyched that we were finally at home for Christmas!

DB and I joked that we had to remind ourselves to take time to fully appreciate this Christmas because we're already so excited about next Christmas! Our babies will be old enough to enjoy the lights and ornaments and songs that go along with the holiday (even though we may be too exhausted to share in their fun - ha ha!), but not quite old enough to understand the idea of presents :) We did have lots of good times last week... but I probably had my most emotional moments the morning my parents left, when it was just DB and I sitting on the porch. Everyone was gone and it was just us. It was a nice morning and our dogs were next to us wagging their tails, which is generally the sign of a very good start to the day... but something was missing. I miss my parents.

We are so lucky to live where we do, and incredibly lucky to have some of DB's family so close... but there's just something about your parents that nothing can quite replace. Even though we can drive each other crazy from time to time, there's something about having them within arms reach that I can't explain. From my experience, it hits home especially when you're going through such a big life change :) Plus, one of the craziest realizations I had, the next time I see them... WE'LL HAVE THREE KIDS!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Spreading baby cheer

I know that this time of year it should be "spreading holiday cheer" - but this year is certainly VERY different from any other for DB and me! Obviously there are some not fun things about pregnancy (see previous post :) ), but for the most part being pregnant is the coolest thing ever! One of the many things that amazes me daily, and lifts my spirits and makes me smile on my tired days AND even on my good days (which is most of them - I'm pretty lucky), is the enthusiasm other people show towards our babies. It's like having this little piece of pure joy in my belly and it seems to be a miracle not only to us, but even to complete strangers... it's the greatest thing!

We have quite a few, but this is a great example - on Friday DB and I went to lunch... as we were walking in there was this cute older man standing outside. When we saw us he gave us the biggest smile ever, and said something like, congratulations - is this your first? Well, of course any time we get that question we just have to share that this is our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd! I think if he could have jumped up and down he would have - his reaction was just awesome! He walked inside with us and introduced us to his wife, exitedly telling her about our babies. She was overjoyed too! DB and I had the biggest smiles on our faces the entire time :) It was like we had just told a family member - they were thrilled for us, wanted to know more, and started sharing stories about their own "babies". It's like the baby joy is contagious! At the end of the conversation they asked our last name and told us they would be sure to keep an eye out for our announcement in the newspaper. Talking with them was like getting this little jolt of energy!

We are so lucky to live in a town, and work at a place, where we have lots of people excitred for, and with us! When I got pregnant one thing I heard a lot was to be prepared for people to give me unsolicited advice... and while of course I get advice (which is okay too because I'm like a sponge right now!), what I get even more is an enthusiasm for the babies that is overwhelming. They say it takes a village, and if that's the case we are certainly in the right spot... not only are the villagers here kind and warm, but the care and affection they already show for our little miracles is more than any mom and dad could ask for :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Vertigo, progesterone, and acid... oh my

What a crazy last 24 hours! How many times will I say THAT in the next few weeks :) Ha ha!

This week started at 6am on Monday morning... I woke up, sat up quickly, and had that dizzy feeling you get from a head rush. But, instead of getting better over the next few minutes, it got worse. The spinning was crazy, and I felt like I was going to fall over any time I sat or stood up... once again, David was awesome! Not only did he make sure I didn't fall over :), but he got me started on the foods... thinking I might have low blood sugar, I ate a ton in the first few hours of the morning. When the doctor's office opened at 8:30am, they told me to come in... they checked all my vitals and the babies... everything looked great! Except, I was still crazy dizzy.

I get car sick very easily, especially if I try to read - I wear these REALLY cool bracelets to help me not puke :) Apparently pregnancy can intensify things like this... in this case, vertigo. UGH. They said that this, combined with probably low blood sugar first thing in the morning, could be the cause. It was crazy, the nurse had me lie down to take a blood pressure test... I thought I was going to fall off the table! I was holding onto the walls and my mother-in-law for support. While they both provided much needed support, my mother-in-law in more ways than I can begin to thank her for, the spinning just wouldn't stop. What the?!

While it was scary, that visit ended up great... first, they said even though I felt awful, the babies were good to go! That's always great news :) Second, they gave me meds for the vertigo and I felt almost completely better within 24 hours! (Unfortunately it could come back, but now I have the meds just in case.) And third, I also asked the doctor about this fun acid reflux I've been having and she gave me something for that too... I haven't had any acid issues since then! This is a serious miracle!!! I was getting it after eating everything and anything!

To top off this Too Much Information post - today I got my first progesterone shot :) I'll be getting one per week - it doesn't affect the babies at all, but there's a really good chance it could help my body hold on to the pregnancy for longer. Yea! The really fun part - they put it in your bootie, and it hurts! Oh well, I get to have three babies, so guess I can deal with a weekly shot :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Babies and their stuff

I swear there are more babies right now than EVER before! Since I got pregnant, I notice them all over the place! Too funny - David and I have started to do things like try and guess how old each of them is, notice the funny faces that they make, hear them crying in places like restaurants - to which David always asks if our babies will make that noise, pay closer attention to the gear the parents are carrying, etc... and it all makes us that much more excited for our babies to be here!

We've also started to picture what it will be like with three of them... whew!

Today we went to Babies R Us for the first time... I went with my mom for a quick visit over Thanksgiving, but David wasn't there and it was all a bit overwhelming to stay long. Well... today we still had that overwhelmed feeling (who knew babies could need so much stuff?!), but we know we've got to start getting ready for them to come, so we committed to making the trip. One of our smartest moves - we went with our niece and sister-in-law... they were fantastic! Not only have they been super excited and supportive, but it just so turns out that they also know their way around baby stuff!! I know it sounds crazy, but I don't even know what to look for in a diaper bag, much less a baby swing... or what colors are best for baby sleeping verses baby development while playing. It's CRAZY! It's also pretty cool :) It was also great to have them when David wandered off... to Toys R Us for a little monster truck to "complete his collection", or to catch a nap sitting in the gliders, or find every monkey in the store and insist we buy it :) But, I do think that after our trip today David is more convinced that we do actually need a decent stroller... he can't just duct tape 3 of the cheapest ones together and go with it.

We took lots of notes and I have a baby registry on my to-do list for this week :) 14 weeks feels like a lifetime... and right around the corner... all at the same time. Speaking of which, time to go read to them... we've got lots of Dr. Seuss to cover in the next few weeks!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Another great check-up

We got to see the babies today - it was AWESOME!!! The last time we saw them was three weeks ago, and I know that doesn't sound like a long time, but it felt like ages... they've changed so much!

Everyone got a good report :) Baby B played hardball today and was tough to photograph, but all three are right around a pound each, are all within 10 days gestation of each other, all have strong heartbeats - and my belly is growing!

About 24 hours before each doctor's appointment David and I start to get giddy... and anxious. I can't explain it, but we get so worked up for each appointment! I swear on every car ride to the doctors office I totally tear up - I just feel so incredibly blessed :) The thought of seeing them again just makes us smile like crazy... but I'm guessing like any expecting parents, we also get a little nervous. The nervousness is not a fun feeling. But, these are our children... so I think that's normal... at least that's what we tell ourselves :)

We talked a lot with the doctor about the best ways to keep them in my belly for longer... go figure, her number one recommedation was to take it easy. I'm convinced this is one of the many reasons David goes to all of the visits - because if no one else would have been in the room, I totally would have let that advice go in one ear and out the other :) No, I've actually been really good about it so far... not perfect, but really good! But, it's tough... after so many years of doing what you want, when you want to, it's certainly a change. Guess it's starting to prepare us for parenting! ha ha!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Crazy 24 hours

The last 24-hours have been great... and "interesting"... all at the same time!

I went for a swim yesterday - it was fantastic!!! Well, I wouldn't really call it swimming... more like floating with a little bit of arms flapping around in the water :) David got quite a kick out of seeing me move so slowly :) But regardless, it felt awesome! Floating was fantastic - took all (well, most) of the weight off and the babies seemed to like it too. It's amazing how much my actual stroke is already restricted, and absolutely no flip-turns, but it still felt great. The really fun part... I had to buy a new suit. It is 10 sizes bigger than my old one! Holy cow! It's funny to see the looks on people's faces when I come out of the locker room - of course they assume it's one baby and that I'm probably 8 months prego!

The babies have been moving like crazy this weekend! The music at church, then the bands at the Christmas parade, and of course any time I am trying to relax and get comfortable :) I think they also had a growth spurt... at least that's what I think now. We had a really fun Saturday night... it started with a great dinner with a friend of ours, and ended when we came home from the ER at 11:30pm. Ugh. The wonderful news is that everything is just fine! About an hour after dinner I initially called the doctor because I was feeling a lot of pressure and of course I'm a little freaked out about preterm labor... I have no idea what it feels like, but have read about every warning sign there is! He thought everything was okay, but recommeded I head in to get checked out just in case.

Instead of going in the normal ER, you actually get to go straight to the Birthing Center... cool because you don't have to wait in line :) Don't get too excited - we were still there for 3 hours. They monitor the babies heartrates, monitor you for contractions, and do some other tests and ask a bunch of questions. The lady was really nice... and we got to watch "Speed TV" I think it was called, so David got his muscle car fix :) We all got a clean bill of health and went home to bed. It was hours we would have loved to spend doing other things, but in the end, I'm glad we went. The same pains persisted, which I now attribute to growing pains, and without the checkup I'm sure I would have been freaked out all night. Oh, the fun things I'm learning on this crazy journey :)

Belly Pictures :)

Alright folks, you asked for them... here's what I have! Warning: What you are about to see may be a little graphic (see, I thought it was really neat to take the photos of the bare belly when I was nice and un-pregnant!). If you are unable to view them, I completely understand. But, if you are able, it's pretty cool to think that my belly is currently home to three growing babies :)

13+ Weeks (above)

16+ weeks (above)

21+ weeks (above)
What a difference 5 weeks can make!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Where are the babies?

I can't wait to go to the doctor next week!! I know, not something you hear often, but I can't wait to see the babies :) Well - first, just because it's so darn cool!! There are little people growing in my belly - agh! But second, I have to confess, I just want to know what the heck is going on in there! I am absolutely convinced that Baby B has made a permanent home in my side! I guess we know he's a southerner - he seems to like ribs! har har :) Yes, he seems to be almost where the "love handle" would be on my right side if everything weren't so big and pulled to the front. It's so weird!! I think he kind of sits almost in between my hip bone and my ribs (sometimes in my ribs)... or maybe it's where he kicks when he stretches? Anyway... in the pictures the baby is always sitting pretty out there in the front, so needless to say, I'm a bit confused :)

I thought I knew where the babies were, and have been talking to them accordingly, but now I'm a little confused! The last few times we saw them, Baby A sits low and to the left, Baby B sits in the middle and on the right, and Baby C sits high and to the left. Kind of like a zig zag :) I thought I could definitely tell who was pushing on me and when, but this new shift has me wondering. Can't wait to see them again!

Sorry, I think I forgot to mention it earlier, but we DO know what the babies are :) Two boys and a girl! Or, as one of my coworkers put it - "oh, two hotdogs and a bun!" I'm still a little hesitant... I've heard too many stories of parents being told they were having a girl, and when the baby got here it was a boy! Or, vice versa. I told the doctors my fears and they were great listeners, but also gave me that calm doctor smile and reassured me that the ultrasound techs were pretty positive :) On to choosing names! Soon :) (Baby A is our little girl, and of course B and C are the baby boys!)

Okay, I'm making a promise... belly photos soon :) I've give you a day or so to prepare yourself to be shocked! ha ha!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Home from Thanksgiving

We just got home from a fantastic Thanksgiving trip! We were so excited to go to Arizona! At first the doctors were very nervous about letting me go (we officially completed the 20th week on Thanksgiving!), but in the end everything worked out...

We had three doctors appointments the two weeks before we left, and all of them revealed good news! I'm still amazed at every appointment when I realize how much I don't know :) Everything they looked for, some of which I still don't completely understand, was great! I won't go into too much detail - I'll probably really mis-speak - but all babies are healthy, growing like weeds (at this point they still grow at the same rate as if there was only one in there - yes, I'm huge!), have all the major parts, and seem to be changing so much every time we see them. We love them so much!

Back to Thanksgiving... amazing trip. I flew out on Sunday and David met me out there when school got out on Tuesday. I didn't think this would be that big of a deal... it was only 2-3 days apart... but it was the first time I've been apart from him since I got pregnant, and I might be a little hormonal, and I missed him so much! Leaving that airport was harder than I ever could have imagined - and seeing him get off the plane in AZ was absolute joy! I know, cheesy, but I'm trying to be honest here :) I couldn't believe it either!

A huge highlight of the trip was the Babies Shower that my parents threw on Friday - we LOVED celebrating with everyone! We had a ton of family there, some good friends, and even some Beaufort friends that recently moved to AZ. I was a little nervous about being the mother-to-be at the shower - I've never been on that side before - but it was an incredible feeling to get so many hugs, well wishes, and prayers. Everyone was so excited for us! We had these big silly smiles on our faces all night :)

Another highlight - seeing my grandfathers :) Yes, I absolutely loved seeing everyone else, and of course my parents and brother are fantastic (as is my cousin who stayed with us all week!), but there was something about that twinkle in grandad and grampa's eyes... the extra excitement that just shown through their smiles and their questions... it was just awesome.

Mom and Dad - you rock! Thank you for such a great party!

Now, we're here in Beaufort until the babies come... a little more than 15 weeks to go. (If you're looking for something to add to your prayers - we want the babies to stay in the oven for a while! Preterm labor is one of our highest risks from here on out.) The shower was a reality check too, so last night we started working on the nursery :) The first thing was to choose new carpet... there was this little accident with a fish tank and 10-gallons of water about a year back which left a nice cut-out peice in the carpet - fun story for later :) We're on our way!