Monday, May 31, 2010

Turn the Page

I will never forget last night! If I'm ever having a bad day, I want to remember what last night felt like... I wish you could bottle emotions like that, to save some of the feel-good times for blah days. Not that any day is blah around here...

Anyway - last night! Samuel turned the page! I am so happy for him, but I can't lie, I so needed this. I think I thanked God about 100 times in the five minutes after it really happened :)

What is turning the page? We read lots of books with the kids, and after each page we say "turn the page" to indicate it's time for one of them to turn the page. Samuel and I started a new nighttime routine a few weeks ago, which includes his own story time in the rocking chair. Last night, when I said "turn the page," he stuck his hands out, fumbled with the page for a second, then deliberately turned it! And then, he continued to turn the page for the rest of the book. Joy! He even showed off and did it again today in front of other people just to prove I wasn't making it up :)

Why is turning the page such a big deal? This is the first instruction that Samuel has followed! He can do a few things, like copy a couple facial expressions, but this is totally different. He hears me! He gets me. He is learning from us. We might just be doing something right ;) I so needed this... and I am so happy for our baby boy. Go Samuel!

I actually have a ton of reading pictures I've been meaning to post... not sure why it hasn't happened yet... some of them date back to March, oops. George and Olivia both love books! They have since they were tiny things. They actually play at their bookshelf for hours... I have the taped-back-together books to prove it. They seem to get fixated on a few books at a time and read them to death. George can spend forever looking at each page, studying each page, and Olivia generally plows from one book to the next. Can't wait to see what Samuel does. We love our little readers!

Hmmm... these words don't seem to make much sense! Um, Olivia, it's upside down dear... seems to be a common trend :)

I don't know Olivia, but I think it might be a goat...

It IS a goat, George! Look, it says it right here...

Sorry about the mess mom, I was looking for this book right here.

Pause in the playing for a quick story.

Here we go again! George, turn the book around dear.

Lost in a good story... book right side up and everything :)

A nice way to spend some peaceful time.

Plus, reading is just so cute!

Dad and Samuel - and yes, DB's favorite book is called The Playful Little Fairy :) But our kids will probably be confused one day because in his version the fairy is a cowboy.

Here mom, read this one... for the 100th time :)

Samuel starts to get in on the reading action. Looks like he likes it!

Olivia, check this out!
No, George, check this out!

Mom! Where did you come from?!

Getting ready for bedtime.

Um, Olivia, I think you're getting a little ahead of yourself!
The craziest part about this photo - she got on the couch by herself!!!! That's a whole separate story, but wow are we in trouble!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

All Over The Map

Their world isn't too big yet - about 1,500 square feet - but these babies are exploring every square inch!

Oh the joy of being a multiple!

Back in the box :) Check out their view... dad mowing the lawn... who needs tv?!

Just too cute not to post :)

This has got to be the neatest thing, ever!
George comes from anywhere in the house when that vacuum goes on... he loves to follow it around the house, and generally peeks under the door when it gets put away :)

Olivia can't help but get in on the action... cheeseball.

Tummy time on trach coller! We are up to four hours per day now on the trach coller... and at least a few minutes at a time on the tummy. Samuel hasn't had many opportunities to do much tummy time, so he's got some work to do both on holding himself up and on flexibility in his back and neck.

But when Samuel just can't hold himself up any longer, we've got other fun options for tummy time :)

Flying baby!

Cutie patootie!

Hi Olivia!
Hey mom!

All tuckered out...

Anytime is a good time to read with dad!

Oh my goodness, who's little girl is this? My Olivia is still a baby... not sure who this toddler belongs to...

Friday, May 21, 2010

Welcome Summer!

Nothing says summer time like a blowup pool! Thank you Dad!

Best part about backyard swimming - no suits!
But no worries, lots of sun protection from our hats :)

Kick, kick, kick!

Scout likes his new job of lifeguard.

Samuel isn't quite ready for the pool, but he loves the sunshine!
(The ventilator tubing is just long enough to feed through the back door - yea!)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


There is a new favorite game in our house...

From the outside, it looks a little silly, but on the inside...





Olivia loves to play peek-a-boo every chance she gets :)

You found me!

George plays peek-a-boo too... but the blanket is just a cute as a hat :)

And of course Samuel gets in on the peek-a-boo action too... I love it, he is still surprised every time you pull back that sheet :) That, or he is enjoying his alone time and wonders what I want now... ha ha!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh my cuteness!

I've got major photo catch up to do... these babies have been busy! Busy being absolutely adorable :) Here's a start...

The cutest little puppies that I ever did see!

Mom, we're not puppies! But we do love our new toy... this box is the best! (I suppose deliveries of medical supplies have more then one use.)

George is ALL boy... he has recently started pushing this bus all over the house. Can't lie, it makes me smile every time I hear that little engine rev :)

George is also awfully happy to be walking... not that you could tell from his expressionless face... it's all he wants to do. This was a few weeks ago... now it's hard to get a photo because he's whizzing past!

Omi reading with her grand-boys :)

Dad and Samuel

Love you Samuel... Love you too, dad...

Everything is more fun when dad's around :)

The tickle monster strikes again!

Deep in conversation...

We have figured out how to take all three babies for a walk! Granted, it takes three adults... but it works! One person to push (cousin Kelley), one person to hold the ventilator (DB), and one person to pull the wagon with the suction machine and the emergency bad (that was my job). Whew! But SO worth it!! Go Team :)