Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy (late) Birthdays!

I'm wondering at what point I will get caught up and not have to mention the word "late" in a post... ha!  Anyway, moving on...

The kids had a wonderful birthday!  Hard to believe they turned FOUR years old nearly two months ago (on January 28th)!!  They think they are so big, which I just love.  In fact, about two weeks before their birthday they started talking about going to kindergarten when they turned five - hold on just a second there, PreK first please.  For their birthday we had another good ole' fashioned backyard party and wore these kiddos out! Once again the friends from George and Olivia's school came, and this was the first birthday Samuel has been at a local school (he was able to start school in Beaufort the day after his 3rd birthday) so a few of his friends from school came, too :)  It was awesome!

AND, DB had a big one, too... the big FOUR-ZERO!  Another one that is hard to believe... which led to the theme of his party, "I'm a Big Kid Now!"  Perfect!  Our garage is a smorgasbord of bikes, skateboards, surfboards, a bow and arrow, bb guns, kites, and who knows what else... and those are just the adult-size toys.  Even though I give him a hard time sometimes about all that stuff, it's also one of the reasons I fell in love with him :)  For the party everyone dressed like a kid... some like little kids, some middle school, some 80's and 90's high school... it was hysterical!  Our friends the Blakes were awesome to host it!  Plus, that meant our kids slept in their own beds that night - that was huge!!

 Excellent illustration... and used for the invitation :)

Four-year old birthday girl and boys below...

Couldn't resist a few more fun pics from the party...
 Aunt Brooke, she still loves her motorcycle :)

Look friends are here!

 He may not be eating it, but had to capture on film that Samuel was testing out the snacks :)
At one point I did have to redirect him... picking up a goldfish, licking it, and throwing it on the ground should not be repeated more than 100 times.  Ha!

 We loved having a little help from our friends to blow out the candles :)

 This is one of Samuel's BFF's... and we were so glad she made it!  He doesn't show much emotion, but when she walked in, Samuel made a bee-line for her :)  I love their little conversation... which pretty much consisted of him repeating her name in awe of seeing her at his house... she is so patient with him.

Lots of hugs as folks left the party - the kids were so excited to have everyone over :)

 I swear Olivia did leave the jump castle at some point...

 Best family pic of the day... maybe we should have taken it earlier in the day :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Outside is the place for me!

Just a fun trip to the beach, couldn't resist sharing the photos :)

 Samuel and DB, best seat in the house!

 George "taking a rest"... for approximately .5 seconds.

Check it out, I'm climbing a tree!

 I just want to run!!!
Btw, I have absolutely no idea how Samuel stays upright when he runs, he's got the arms and head going in opposite directions, it's seriously impressive.

 George "taking another rest"... this one a bit longer because it was hysterical :)

The good news is, with that hat we'll never loose her in the brush, ha!