Thursday, February 5, 2009

One week birthday

It's been a big 48 hours... yesterday was the baby's one week birthday... and today they're 30 weeks! Or, as the doctors put it, they celebrated their 8th day of life :) And the 30 weeks is their gestation... because they were so early, they still keep tabs on the babies based on what day/week it would be if they were still in the womb. I can't believe Olivia, George, and Samuel have been here an entire week!! We love them so much!

All babies had a good day... lots of changes all the time. But this post is all about their 1-week photo shoot! Olivia, George, and Samuel worked the camera :) The nurses were awesome - helping us along the way and sharing in our enthusiasm - and even insisted that George and Olivia could have their incubators open while we took the photos. They also gave us some great ideas for documenting growth - two of which were with a toy and a wedding ring. We took both ideas and ran with them. The babies were very tolerant of us... they must love us too :)

This is just a reference point for how big their animals are :) That's BB's hand...

Samuel and his turtle - sweet pea!

Samuel with DB's wedding ring around his wrist

Samuel with momma's and daddy's fingers

Olivia with her octopus - my friend Brooke found the animals, and she thought the octopus looked the most feminine :)

Olivia with DB's wedding ring (she's not sure what to think of all this :))

Olivia with momma and daddy (DB has the gloves on because the ring has to be sterilized for each baby)

George with his crab - no, not because he's crabby :)

George with DB's wedding ring - stretching out as usual

George with momma and daddy - checking out the world one eye at a time :)

George all cuddly - I just couldn't resist!


Katharine said...

They are just gorgeous! And so blessed to have parents like you. xox Katharine

The Mommy said...

LOVE it! You guys are naturals! Thanks for sharing the pictures with all of us!

Rikki said...

Look at the little cutie pies! How fun will it be to have those pictures as a point of reference for when the kids are older.
What a beautiful family!
Keep the pics coming! :)
Love and hugs to the 5 of you!

Meredith, Victoria and Vaughn said...

hello- i am amanda russell's sister! she has been keeping me up to date on your little angles! the twins give me a run for my money i am so excited to have a mommy that will be MORE crazy than me:-) Congrats i hope to meet you soon-ENJOY your little monkeys life is about to get really fun:-) you are so blessed! and we will continue to pray for the growth, health and development of GB,OB & SB!
Love -
Meredith, Michael, Victoria & Vaughn

Verno said...

I think all three kiddos look like me - at least a little :)

emilyranches said...

They're So adorable! Congratulations!! I'll be praying for y'all!