Sunday, August 23, 2009

Life on the Homefront

Life is good! Mr. Samuel is truckin' along in the hospital... and George and Olivia are ruling the roost!

Who... us?

Yes, you! Especially when Gran"mo" and Gran"do" came to visit... not sure G or O's feet ever touched the floor :)

These two kiddos are taking off - growing, learning, and getting bigger every day! Olivia scoots around on her back - George is rolling over - and both babies are talking up a storm. It's incredible to watch! A quick photo catch-up from the last few weeks...

Why sit, when you can stand and shake your bootie! (It's crazy, the little girl won't sit down!)

You're right dad, pockets are great for little boy's toys :)

This photo couldn't get any cuter... except when I called the NICU to check on Samuel and the nurse has coincidentally put him in the same shirt! Yes, really!

Ahhh - the art of self soothing :)

Nothing better than a full belly!

"Who, me?"

"Aw, mom!"


It's hysterical... you can make all the funny faces in the world, but what Olivia loves is when other people laugh! Gets her every time :)

We are slowly getting used to life without Cousin Kelley... who came for three weeks when Samuel wasn't doing so well. What a blessing! We were able to focus on being strong for our littlest guy and still know our big kiddos were in great hands!


Christie said...

Cute pictures, Bethany! Such sweet babies you have!

Vicki said...

These pictures made our day - especially the "i'm the favorite" tshirt story
isn't it time for G and O's first trip to richmond hill? MAB's first football game performance next WED, SEP 2, 5:00 at the High School stadium???
aunt vicki and cousin madison

Joe Campbell said...

Holy freaking WOW man, what a rollercoaster. I hope that all is improving and life is coming into a rhythm for you now. Thoughts and Prayers to you and your family man.

Jessica said...

They are getting so big!!