Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Swimming... for Samuel

Never underestimate Middle School and High School students! Yes, really :)

The school swim season started in August (BB is coaching again - thank you for your patience and encouragement, DB!), and the first swim meet was in late August. At the beginning of the meet I had just finished my "do not write on yourself" speech... for example, no "Eat My Bubbles"... when I turned around and saw two 9th grade boys writing on each other and looking sneaky. Needless to say I then began my "did you not hear me" speech :) Mid-speech, a senior girl taps me on the shoulder and says, "It's okay Coach, we're allowed... we asked the officials!" Huh? You asked the officials what? I looked a little closer and see a bunch of the kids have "S" written on their hands... and some have "S4S" or "sfs"... and some have "Swimming for Samuel" completely written out.

Needless to say, my speech went from "blah, blah, blah" to "boo, hoo, hoo" :) Swimming for Samuel... what a special day it was! And what amazing kids I get to coach.

A few of the swimmers show off their Samuel support :)

He can't quite get in the pool yet, but Samuel can't wait! What a happy boy! Thank you Swim Team! (He has little mittens on so he can't scratch himself :) )


kkwright said...

That's wonderful Bethany. *Sandi & Bob gave me your blog... i hope that's okay. I've been following 'silently' for so long... i figured it about time to add myself. I'm so happy to see the progress off all the babes. It's too bad you guys didn't live closer... BC is a wonderful place... LOL. Keep well and give say Hello to your Mom and Dad from Ken and I. Take care,
Karen Ken Ty Kasey Ryan

Elizabeth said...

BB and DB and O, G and S - Gary and I can't tell you how much we miss you all!! We are sorry, too, that our current trip is a 'west coast swing' - but, will be back east next spring and you will definitely be on the 'tour'. We keep track of you on the blog - and although don't always write - think about you all the time. Miss you lots - E & G

Christie said...

Oh, how sweet! That made me boo hoo, too!

Rikki said...

Swimmers are an awesome breed! What a bunch of sweeties. That just made my Monday! Love you B!

JenBA said...

What an amazing story. I boo hoo-ed too!

Meredith, Victoria and Vaughn said...

so my mom seems to anticipate seeing Samual more than coming home .... hmmmmm this may be an addiction - i hear he is pretty awesome!!!! brown bear :-) well i hope the meet goes well and mom will take good care of your little peanut today :-) the twins pray for him all by their self everynight ... i say at the end of prayers, "please pray for everyone we love esp those who need our prayer .. they shout SAMUAL!" really it is as cute as it sounds :-) love to you all -- someone at your church needs help give me a call (she went into labor at 26 wks and is now on bed rest with a 2 year old) XOXXO