Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Three 3-year olds!

Happy Birthday #3!  Oh my goodness!  How has it been three years????

Things I did wrong on their birthday... never slowed down to make them pose for a group shot.  Never slowed down to take a family picture.  The good news, both of those can totally be re-created :)

Things I did right... went out on a limb and invited George and Olivia's entire class.  Rented a bounce house.  It was an awesome day!!!  The kids were thrilled to have their friends over, and slept incredibly well after a day of bouncing :)

Something the other parents at the party mentioned... of course the kids loved being together, but it was also nice because the parents don't know each other well, so it was fun for us to get together!  Plus the weather couldn't have been any better so it was a great day to hang out outside.  I'm hoping they all had the same nap success I did :)

Something the folks at the party probably didn't know... and maybe part of the reason I had trouble slowing down (as mentioned above)... was that party was so much more than a celebration of 3-years for us :)  My babies have made it to three!  I hate that their start was so rough, but look at them now.  Who knew?!  They amaze me every single day, and we feel so lucky to be their parents.  I can't imagine life without them, they make everything better, including me.

Plus, not only is this the first party we've ever actually invited kids to, there were just as many kids as adults :)  My Samuel is getting healthier!  At their first birthday, Samuel almost didn't make the party and then had a horrible next day... at their second birthday, we were psyched to all be home and he did much better, but was still very medically fragile... what a great third birthday!  Maybe by his fourth birthday he will eat some cake?  Can't hurt to hope!  (If he is eating anything by his birthday next year, mark my words, I will find a way to make it into a cake!)

A few photos from the day...

Direct quote when I ordered the cake: I would like princesses and dump trucks, please.

The main event - who knew one thing could bring so many hours of bouncing happiness?!

They dropped the bounce house off a few hours early due to a busy day for the rental company... I kept the kids content inside for a while, but the bouncing was irresistible!  These three little monkeys had so much fun!  At one point I thought they wouldn't even notice when their friends showed up, but I was wrong :) 

Samuel enjoyed the bounce house, but was also happy to hop in his absolute favorite thing... one of his favorite words, too... swing!

Time for cake!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you...

...Happy Birthday Olivia, George, and Samuel...

...Happy Birthday to you!

Look at my babies surrounded by their friends :)  LOVE IT!

And... back to bouncing!  

Until they just couldn't handle it anymore - ha ha!

These are whooped kiddos :)

Except this guy!  I swear he spends nap time making up for lost time (awake!).


Proud Mum said...

Happy Birthday...I pray Samuel is eating soon...and will "woof" down the cake next year...

quadmommy said...

Happy Birthday!! I have ten year old quadruplets. It's amazing how fast they grow up. <3