Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Shoes

What a wonderful reminder of how far Samuel has come in the last year and a half.  Two weeks ago Samuel got his fifth pair of AFO/SMO/Inserts... fifth pair in the last 18 months!  And not because anything was wrong with them, simply because he has gotten so much better at walking!  The stronger he has gotten, the less support he has needed... each pair represents a new strength in Samuel's overall leg strength, increase in ability to handle mobility, increase in coordination, etc.  Wow.

From the left: First pair - solid and all the way up the calf... 
but I loved the lightening bolts on the back :)
Second pair - almost the same as the first, but with a hinged ankle.
Third pair - no more high leg support.
Fourth pair - free up the toes.
Fifth, and most recent pair - the least support yet, more like an advanced insert.   

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