Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Best Weekend... so far...

What a weekend! Yes, it's Wednesday, and I'm just now posting... but I'm doing it from MY couch! Two days shy of ten weeks, I am home!

Now, on to the important people - the babies :) ALL had great weekends!

Samuel has had a great last five days! He took a bottle for the first time, he breastfed for the first time, he is rockin' the physical therapy, and the meds for his lungs ended and have worn off and he's still breathing like a champ with just the nasal cannula! We are convinced he wants to come home soon to be with his brother and sister :) Driving away from Charleston without Samuel was every bit as painful and difficult that we thought it would be. But his progress outweighs any sadness! Plus, between his Omi, our friend Sarah, and dad and me, someone has been there every day to cuddle and read to him :) Can't wait to have our little man home!

And Olivia and George are home!! I can't believe there are babies in our house - it's so crazy! We wake up in the morning (every couple of hours actually :) ) and there are two little beautiful babies that we get to care for... too cool. Olivia is on a monitor for her heart and respiratory rates, and George is wireless! It is unbelievable! We keep questioning the sanity of the hospital folks for entrusting us with these amazing little beings :)

It's funny, speaking of babies being home... a few of the things I missed the most about home were the dogs, my bed, and my shower. Those are the three things I've seen the least of since being home! Who knew you could spend so much time sitting on your bootie in a rocking chair... feeding, playing, and just watching them sleep :)

We're outta here! Too funny - the nurses have to carry them out of the hospital, not us... guess they've worked too hard to let us blow it on our way out the door :) Probably a safe way to go!


Well hello there! Long time, no see!

Lovin' life... now where's our brother?!

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