Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! What? I'm a day late? Story of my life these days :)

It was the babies first Easter and I did my motherly duty of dressing them up in embarrassing little hats and taking photos :) I LOVED every minute of it!

We also went back to church, together, for the first time since we left for the hospital 10 weeks ago. We had sitters - well, Omi and our friend Brooke, not too many people brave (or crazy?)enough to take care of our kiddos yet - ha ha! It was awesome :) The church community has been so incredibly supportive, and faith has played such a huge role in our lives over the last few months, that we both literally had tears in our eyes on the way there. When we got there I even had to duck into the restroom to dry my eyes and compose myself. Crazy how emotional it can be, especially when your church meets in a school cafeteria :) Goes to show you how little the building actually matters! It's what's inside that counts :)

And inside was great! The people, the community, the music, the message... it was exactly as we remembered :) Of course it was a great day to go back with the lilies and the message of Easter - a message of hope, new life, faith, and love, even during tough times. Lots of people could use that message these days, us included :)

There's even Easter in the hospital! Check out my cool duck from one of my cool nurses :) Now give me a hug!

The two stooges await their third :)

One of the best Easter presents :) This card is about two feet tall! I teared up, so you know the babies loved it too! This was a card from the kids at church :) (LOVE the giant envelope - kids are so creative!)

The excitement of Easter was just too much for Miss Olivia :)


Lindsey said...

love the pictures of the babies. so sorry for the CPR experience with george. i cannot even imagine?! glad you guys were able to go to church and thankful for God's grace in your lives. love to all.

Mo and Do said...

I just looked at your blog for the fourth time today and resigned up so I could comment. Beautiful sweet children - proving to be amazingly strong and intent on being a Byrne. You - all five of you - are in my prayers, and at the moment I am feeling pressure in my heart. The good kind.
Love Mo

Jillian and Crew said...

So precious, can't wait for them to all be together at home with you guys!