Friday, June 19, 2009

Ten Pound Party!

That's right - we had a 10 pound party this week! (Thank you Kristen!) George hit ten pounds this week, and Olivia is actually eleven pounds! WOW! Samuel is not far behind at nearly eight pounds - he'll get his very own party soon :)

After the party, DB and I took a few minutes to look back at some old photos. This is when we realized just how amazing ten pounds really is!

Welcome to the gun show!

I know, I'm a looker :)

Party Time! Friends and pound cake - what more can you ask for?!

Even more amazing... scroll through these from the first week, and then go back to the ten pound photos. Nothing short of a miracle! God is good :)

Olivia and Dad kangarooing

Sweet girl sleeping - all 2lbs. 12 oz (O)

A handful of sunshine :) (O)

George all stretched out - all 2lbs. 10 oz

Hi Mom! (G)

Under the lights (G)

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Lindsey said...

that is awesome! 10 pounds! those shirts are too cute. glad you guys are doing well and little samuel is set to join his family soon! love to all.