Friday, June 12, 2009

Hello June!

The babies are doing really well! It's mom and dad that have been through the whirlwind this time! What a crazy month it has already been...

The school year ended, so Dad is now Mr. Mom for the summer break. From carefree summers of surfing, home repair, yard work, and playing with the dogs - to preparing bottles, washing bottles, changing diapers, making up silly rhymes, and overseeing "tummy time". What a change! The funny thing is - he's amazing! I have my very own domestic goddess :)

I went back to work full-time for the months of June and July... come August it will be part time... but I'm blaming my lack of blog posts on going back to work :) The hardest part is leaving the house in the morning, but once I'm there it's go, go, go, so the day goes pretty quickly. Plus, I know DB is at home with G & O, so my mind is at ease.

George & Olivia attended their first birthday party - their favorite cousin is 13!

Samuel is doing so well! He did have one rough week, so our hopeful come-home-date has been pushed back just a bit to early August, but now everything is back on track :) Samuel had a potential blood infection, but everything turned out great! Doesn't sound so bad - a suspected infection - but in order to prove he didn't have it he had to have yet another work-up. We haven't had one in a while, so it broke my heart... a few sticks, an IV, and a lumbar puncture... ugh. But as I said - it's all good! Now he's back to working on his breathing :) He even had a few nasal cannula trials this week - yea!!! (He's still on CPap 80% of the time, but trying the cannual a few hours each day, and he LOVES it!) And get this - he's more than 7 pounds - no more preemie clothes!!! No smile yet, but he is SO close :)

Sweet boy fast asleep :) Just a little mark left on his hand from the IV... love those chunky arms!

Hi Mom! Check out how strong I'm getting!

Whatcha doin' up there? Check out my cuteness :)

George is growing just a little every day :) He gets a little fussy now and then, and shoots us some great smiles, but for the most part he is our serious guy - with the most expressive eyebrows I've ever seen! (Wonder where he get's those?! Dad!) He's eating a little better every day too... he's our puker... ugh. But, he is just under 10 pounds!

Laughing :)

Excuse me?

Oh geez!

Olivia is truckin' right along! She is a whopping 10 1/2 pounds! She has started laughing and loves to smile :) Such a girl! She loves to eat and socialize, and makes the cutest little girl noises you've ever heard. She has completely grown out of her newborn clothes!

Lookin' pretty :)

Oops - fell asleep mid-prayer :)

Dad! That's my ice cream! (YoungLife fundraiser - starting early :) )

DB and are I doing really well! I've also started coaching the school swim team again and DB has taken on home improvement projects at our house and at Omi's, so we are certainly busy. More than anything, we want Samuel to come home! The daily trips to Charleston are taxing, and we are beyond ready to have our family together. We miss our little boy.

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