Thursday, July 23, 2009

Miracle in Progress

What a day! For the first time in two weeks we heard these magic words... favorable odds! The odds are now WITH Samuel, instead of against him! We are full of tears of joy!

If not for the follow-up words of "it's a long road ahead, with many hurdles" we would be singing from the rooftops. Regardless, we are celebrating :) Our miracle, Samuel's miracle, is happening right before our eyes.

Two of the lead pulmonologists met yesterday and discussed our little boy. Due to his body being able to lower its CO2 level, they now think there might be enough good lung for Samuel to come home one day! When our attending told me this today - I cried.  Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers!  Please keep us on your list - it's a battle ahead, but do-able :)

What a week... on Tuesday Olivia had an appointment at MUSC (all is well!), so we all went to visit Samuel (thank you NNICU team!). Our babies were together again for only the second time in six months. This is what we walked away with...

A few little helping hands :)

Nothing better than baby toes!!!

Group photo - together at last, even if only for a minute :)


Rikki said...

Yay! How wonderful for you guys to get some good news! Love the pictures. The kids are adorable.


PRentz said...

Go God! What wonderful and encouraging news. We have been praying constantly and will continue to pray for your awesome family. We are also smiling right along with you. :)
All honor and glory and praise be to our Almighty Father who is able to all things.


Living the Dream said...

Praise the Lord! We have been praying for you all!

Caroline said...

I have been thinking about y'all and so glad to hear this news. I'm on vacation and haven't been able to check on him...LOVE the pictures!! Yay Samuel! Caroline (NNICU Nurse)

Julie said...

Praise God...He is constantly creating miracles and Samuel is one of them for sure! You go Samuel!! We are very happy that he is progressing and pray that the good news keeps flowing your direction!

Julie and Brian Rolf

Jay Breitling said...

Thinking about you guys.

whittenjh said...

Hey guys! I have been thinking about Samual and the rest of your family since we left the NNICU world on July 1st. I see you have had some major hurdles to overcome yourselves but are on an upward swing. I am SO GLAD that things are getting better and that Samual is staying strong. Jim and I have been praying for little Samual and have added him to our church's prayer list. Please know that I think of you all often and God has a plan for you and your family. You can e-mail me anytime if you want at:
Take care and God Bless.
Andrew's mom, Heather