Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mohawk Therapy

Don't worry, we haven't cracked :) But, DB and I have been living in a constant state of limbo for the last week. There is not a moment that passes that we are not hopeful, fearful, joyful, and jumping any time the phone rings... in case you are in doubt, it is not a fun way to live. BUT, we are perfectly happy with it because that means Samuel is still fighting!!!

It's tough to write an update, because essentially, things haven't changed. Our just-in-case overnight bags have been packed for a week. Samuel is in a constant state of "hanging on". Every day with him is a celebration! He has defied the odds to even be where he is today - here with us, making marginal improvements. Hooray! But, medically, the odds are still very much against him. Samuel still has a huge battle in front of him. To sum it up, when we ask the doctors what they think, they say that if there were no chance for Samuel, we wouldn't be trying all of the things we are trying. As you can imagine, that's not easy to hear. So, if we seem a bit scattered, or even crazy, please forgive us. Most moments we can't decide whether to jump for joy about another hour with our littlest guy, or cry because we're scared about what the next day might hold.

This is where Mohawk Therapy comes in... it's really just a fancy word for realizing how great your family is :) That each moment is precious! For example, we came home from another day at the hospital, and discovered our little girl is growing a mohawk! Made me realize that there is nothing better than the every day moments that happen with your family. Check it out...

Our little girl is growing a mohawk! Not sure why, but it seems that her hair is only growing in the middle :) I LOVE it! She is so stinkin' cute!

This crooked little smile always makes me happy!

It's tough to take... but even while he's fighting, Samuel is the sweetest, most adorable baby you ever did see in his sunglasses and earmuffs :)

DB can always make me smile... just one example was a few weeks ago... nothing better than a homemade diaper sign :)


jasykaur said...

Hi Bethany, My name is Jas and I know Dave from his days in TR. My husband, John and I met Dave through Trevor K. and Steve B. I have been keeping up with your blog and keeping your family in my prayers. I admire how you and Dave continue to smile about about things like diaper signs and mohawks. We are in Charlotte. If there is anything we can do other than pray let us know. Jas & John Dillard

ldrbug3 said...

you are in my prayers and my thoughts and can't beleive how much they have grown!

Julie said...

You are so right in the fact that we should celebrate everyday that God gives us. Too many times we forget that. We should celebrate Samuel's life however long or short it is. That is how I saw Grace's life...we were blessed to celebrate 7 days with her...that was 7 more then we thought we'd have. Samuel is one strong boy to go through all he has endured but seeing his picture still makes me smile...he is so adorable (even with all the garb!)! Olivia and George are getting bigger and more adorable by the minute I think! Take care.

Julie Rolf

Vicki said...

Mohawks, million dollar smiles, and Moments of MIRACLES beyond measure! We are thankful for them all!