Sunday, October 11, 2009

No News is Good News

Actually, no news means we've been crazy busy :) But, we do have good news, and lots of it! In the last month - I can't believe it's been that long since we've posted - all three babies have grown by leaps and bounds. Between the three of them, they're sitting, teething, and tolerating major weens on the ventilator settings (guess who that is... ha ha!).

Also, our lives have slowed down just a little - we are still balancing work, spending time at home with George and Olivia, trips too see Samuel, and trying to sell our house, but - the school swim season is over! What a fantastic season is was! BB will really miss spending time with the kids every day, but wow did the swimmers end the season the right way... swimming like crazy and dropping time left and right, the girls team is the state runner-up and the boys team is the state champions! Woo hoo!

Not sure where to begin with baby - they are so amazing :) Just a few fun photos to get started...

Olivia and George in their concert clothes...

... and their church clothes!

It is such a great feeling to be back at church. And, it was fun to take George and Olivia for the first time! So far there has only been one occasion when Olivia had to be removed from the building for trying to talk over the pastor... and only once that George burped after a bottle and spit up on the floor - luckily it's tile and DB is quick with the napkins :)

Oh yes, we are now wearing bows!

This crooked little smile gets us every time :)

Samuel is smiling more and more every day...

... he also gets more and more personality every day!

Just like my parents - laughing at my own jokes :)

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