Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Tickle Monster

George tends to be our serious guy... but he LOVES to be tickled :) His feet, his armpits, his neck - you name it. He can't help but laugh out loud - showing all EIGHT of his perfect little teeth!

Other things George loves...

Being cute, of course! But this one is actually about sitting up :) Too funny, he probably loves that toy cow more than anything... babies like the strangest stuff.

Eating finger foods... I am seriously amazed at his ability to pick up a puff.

Playing with toys...

... on his back! George still isn't a big fan of his belly, but the boy can probably bench press three times his own weight :)

He still finds joy in the small stuff :) And in finding his way to the edge of the carpet! He may not like his belly, but George can roll anywhere he needs to go.

Back to being cute again :)

He absolutely loves his bumbo tray! "Bam, bam" have become his favorite words, which also explains finding his way to the edge of the carpet... nothing better than banging on the hard floor.

But George does not like it when his sister steals his toys - ha ha! We're not too worried, he has become quite good at stealing hers too.

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Rikki said...

They are SO cute! I love Olivia's hair. It is a lot like Harper's was at that age. George is such a cutie.

There is a book called "Tickle Monster" by Josie Bissett. It comes with tickle monster gloves. My kids LOVE it. Check it out!

Love you!