Sunday, December 20, 2009

Miss Personality

One of the most incredible things about having triplets, besides realizing you actually have triplets of course, has to be getting to watch your children grow up at the exact same time. Even though they are exactly the same age, they are SO different!

Things each of them can do that the other two can't yet... Samuel blows kisses (even after enduring more than most people ever have to imagine), George can pick up a cheerio (and anything else he wants to - my fine motor boy), and Olivia is crawling (mostly backwards, but we'll take it). Each of them has their own personality, even at the age of only 10+ months!

A little about Olivia's personality... besides the sugar-sweet-beauty that she is :)

Haaaaayyyyy! Girlfriend loves to smile... and loves to GET smiles even more!

This is what happens when you turn your back - she goes for the stack of bibs and George goes for the hard floor. Hello! There's a reason all of the toys are in the middle of the blankets! Oh well. I'm convinced she is the instigator :)

Who, me?!

Olivia is also very focused. Not sure what I like best about this photo... the teething drool on her dress, the teething clamp she's got on that toy (and the cheeks that come with it), or just that her mohawk is awesome!

Not sure what this says about her... but she is such a cutie!

Back to loving to get smiles... mom, if you think this is funny, so do I!

And the crawling photos...

From stretching... (her reach is at least twice as far as the average baby... I'm surprised she felt the need to learn to crawl!)

... to moving! I think she's just as surprised as we were :)

A Pro :)

Quick update - Samuel is still doing really well! He's had a few so-so days - we think he's had a bit of a cold - but seems to be bouncing back. Love it, he still manages to sneak out a few smiles and kisses even when he's not feeling his best. Also the g-tube has been a bit of a pain... first it fell out (not happy to learn that can happen), and now it's just still a little oozy. But, it seems to be working, Samuel is getting all of his nutrition through it... yea! No more iv's!

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Rikki said...

I love her! I know that is weird seein' as we've never met...but I do. She looks like a mini-B. She totally rocks the mowhawk.

Merry Christmas friend!

Love you!