Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Cow Says "Mmmm"

Our babies are growing up! George and Olivia can clearly tell you what a cow says (kind of :) )! They can also choose the item you ask for out of a pile of toys, tell you not only where their own belly button is but also everyone else's, give a high five, and sign "more" until the sun goes down. Wow. I'm blown away by how big they are getting!

What about Samuel, you ask? Well, he is growing every day too... but right now I'm going to brag about his ability to recover! Yep, had a little blip this past weekend... I'm not willing to call it a step back because it was kind of user error rather than Samuel wearing out. Long story short, once on the HME/thermovent he was getting way too much oxygen... after four days of that, he let us know. Quick to act, and with the support of his pulmonologist, we let him rest on the ventilator almost all weekend... at that point we didn't know why he was acting up. On Monday, with the help of his home nurse and our home respiratory therapist, we put the clues together, analyzed his O2 when on the HME, and it all worked out! Samuel isn't quite himself yet, but he is well on the way :)

What's crazy is, now that I know why he was acting up, I'm so glad we were able to fix it... for Samuel, too much O2 means CO2 retention, which is what put him back in the hospital the last two times. I'm sure his CO2 was high on Friday, but due to good advice he was able to rest and blow it off during the weekend... and then great troubleshooting on Monday resulted in a blip, rather then a step backward. Onward!

Lots of new activities in our house... and lots of thanks to the creative people in our lives :)

Look familiar?! It's the crack table... with only two of its four legs :)

Samuel loves it just as much as his brother and sister!

Apparently just playing with the tupperware available wasn't good enough... either George wanted to make sure there wasn't anything extra special hiding in the back of the cabinet, or Olivia talked him into climbing in and was about to shut the door behind him. Ha ha!

Painting with food! Unfortunately, during our first attempt all we had to paint with was vanilla yogurt, oops. But you better believe there are some great painting sessions to come!

I think Samuel likes it too :)

What better to do after painting with food... then head back to the tupperware cabinet! Woo Hoo! George, the yogurt in your hair looks just fabulous :)

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