Monday, June 14, 2010


Things have been cruising right along at our house... and everyone is so busy that I am doing my best just to remember what we did yesterday, much less the last couple days! I feel like the babies are doing more and more every day, which is exciting, but I also want to remember what each stage was like... although I'm beginning to think that's almost impossible. Each stage seems to last anywhere from 24-48 hours :)

Some days there are things we've been waiting for, like turning the pages of a book, going under water for the first time, or taking multiple steps without falling. And some days there are things that we never knew to look for, like learning to fake laugh when you feel it's socially appropriate to laugh, trying new dance moves, or learning volume control... wait, we're still working on that one. We love trying to keep up with all the craziness!

Olivia is still walking whenever she chooses to, which is more and more often... but still not always when we want her to :)

Going CRAZY!
I really need to figure out to post video... this photo just doesn't do it justice.

Hi Samuel!

Hi mama!

One of our newest toys... an old school car garage... we love it! (Thank you Cathryn!) And so do the babies! George is still trying to figure out exactly how the ramp springs back into place after each car goes down it.

Ah ha! George is caught standing all by himself :) Too funny, he will only stand on his own if he's too busy to realize he's doing it.

Holding on again... this time to figure out exactly how the car works, or maybe how the person stays in the car even when upside down :)

All three, exactly as they like to be :) George, inspecting each detail... Olivia, chewing... Samuel, turning the toy in circles.

Time for World Cup... or still celebrating DB's soccer victory :) DB coaches a girls high school soccer team and they were state champs this spring! YEA! Quite a story behind it, including many trips to the championship game, but this is the first girls soccer state champ team in school history! Plus, DB just got a coaching award from the local newspaper AND one from a state-wide high school sports organization. Congrats, DB :)

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