Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Haircut Day!

George and Olivia had their first haircuts today! George really had a haircut, and I've got a lock to prove it :) Olivia just a small trim. But regardless of the amount of hair that was cut - it was quite a day! I considered trimming some of Samuel's just to say he had a haircut too, but that just didn't seem right. He should get to sit in the big chair too! Soon :)

We had so much fun! And yes, DB and I both went... a. neither one of us wanted to miss it, and b. we had no idea what George and Olivia would think of getting a haircut!

George went first... we thought he might be the more adventurous of the two today.
By the way, as soon as the haircut cover up went on, I'm pretty sure DB got teary :) Our big boy, George!

Uh oh... this trip could be headed downhill... fast...

Yep, out came the pouty lip...

... until the lollipop appeared! Amy, you are a genius!
They don't generally get lollipops, so it was a wonderful distraction from the haircut! Too funny, George wouldn't eat it at first, and because she didn't know what it was, Olivia wasn't jealous when she had to wait for hers :)

Then it was a breeze! George didn't even flinch when the clippers and then the hairdryer came out.

Handsome boys!

Olivia's turn! But, it doesn't seem that the lollipop is working!

False alarm... cut away :)

Hmmm... she just can't quite decide what to think!
But notice there is no cute haircut cover up... Olivia was very sure that she was not going to wear it :)

Happy girls! Thank you Amy!

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Lindsey said...

hilarious! i just gave reese his first haircut (well, actually second to fix the botched first attempt?!) and i gave him a sucker?! and i was thinking about how elle was probably 3 before she had a sucker... by the end, it had hair all over it, but it WORKED! they look dashing:)!