Sunday, February 27, 2011

Count down to March 18th

Last bit of news from our 3-day stay at MUSC... Samuel is officially on the schedule to have his trache removed!!! Whoa - I need to catch my breath :)

Yes, really, March 18th... 2011. I would say we're not counting our chickens before they hatch, but that would be a complete lie :) Don't get me wrong, I say out loud that we completely understand something could happen and the date might get pushed back. We know from experience it happens! But, we are completely counting the days and psyched! It's like a dream... come true :)

The crazy thing is that getting the trache placed was a dream come true, too.

Samuel with his "count down to decannulation" chain :)
Like I said, we can't help but count our chickens!

Happy, happy, happy!
Yes, it's actually Mizzou, but this was our Black and Gold for the Superbowl :)


The Mommy said...

OH my goodness. We are celebrating with you guys! Much love and we think of you often!

Lindsey said...

wow. i am still amazed that you got to give the vent stuff back and now all the way to this!! amazing! so happy for you guys and for little samuel. continuing to pray for health and growth and development as the Lord bring you to mind!

Rachel said...

Hello! You probably don't remember me but my Gabe was in the NNICU with your babies. I know it is so hard to remember from those first days! I am so happy I found your blog and that ya'll are doing so well. It is such a small world and an even smaller town! Maybe one day I will make it to a reunion so we can see all those special people from the NNICU again!