Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thank you Stefanie!

On February 28th we said thank you to Stefanie for the last 11 months... yes, 11 months!

Stefanie has been Samuel's home nurse ever since he came home - we are talking Monday - Friday, 8am-4pm, she has been with him. Needless to say, she will be missed :) We do have a new nurse who we like very much, Sherry was one of the nurses over the last few months that had oriented to be a back up nurse for Samuel if Stefanie needed a day off, but there is a bond between Stefanie and Samuel (and Stefanie and me) that is incredibly special.

The second time Samuel came home, March 19, 2010, Stefanie was there to meet us. I cried when she told me she would be full time with us. I was so happy to know we would have such great nursing care for Samuel! I was terrified to think of leaving him even just to go to my part-time job.

Four days after she started, Stefanie was riding in the car with me on our drive home from our pulmonologist, when they called with the terrible results of the blood test he had taken an hour earlier. She was there when I got this call to bring him back to the hospital. Stefanie has been a good nurse, and also a shoulder to lean on and a friend to celebrate with. I can't imagine our last year without her. God is so good.

As DB put it during one of my this-is-not-going-to-be-okay moments, "it's okay BB... she got us through the dark days, and now she needs to go be with another family." If you know DB, you are laughing out loud right now :) But he is right... I suppose ;) Stefanie is moving in the next two weeks, so we will try to get together for a play date or two, thank goodness! Plus, her son is absolutely adorable with Samuel - they are definitely best friends. Man, I really can't imagine my day-to-day without her.

The change in Samuel during these 11 months has been incredible - from fully vent dependant, to trache collar, to HME, to passy muir, to now capped. From unable to move at all, to pushing up on his chest, to rolling, to scooting on his back, to crawling. From no eating and no speaking to drinking water, taking tastes, learning sign, and mimicking animal noises :)

Just a few of our favorite Stefanie photos from the last 11 months...

A little Olivia listens and watching intently while "Step-ee" works with Samuel :)

Samuel's very first trip to the park!

Samuel loves to try and mimic faces...
this is his I'm-so-excited-my-entire-body-is-shaking face :)

Samuel's first trip to the Library!

After the park, we loved to stop at Palm & Moon!

Not only can Samuel mimic faces and do a few signs, he can take his own - and Stefanie's - temperature!

Stefanie really is part of the family :)

Samuel and Lucas, Stefanie's son, when Santa came into the room :)

I think Samuel is happy...

Friends Forever!

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