Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Our SECOND Easter together as a family!  I love seconds :) 

No church yet, but we may be able to start going in June - fingers are crossed.  What I mean is that we may be able to go as a family in June, I can't lie, it makes it tougher to get there when it's not a family thing.  But Samuel's pulmonologist said the kiddos might be able to go to the church nursery as soon as June!  No promises, but lots of hope :)  Just that it's a possibility is huge!  Our babies have never been with a group of kids inside... they've done the park, but no organized, inside activities, it was just too risky.  The joys of immune deficiency, boo.

On to the real joys... of Easter!  YEA!

Group photo! 

Well, almost... Omi, Cousin Madison, and Uncle Jay were here to celebrate with us, too.  Always fun to be together :)

Lots of smiles from George after the new Easter trucks from Mo and Do :)

Samuel showing off his skills! 
The boy loves to cruise... on the couch, on the coffee table, even balancing on the kitchen cabinets.  He is such a rock star!  Next step, pulling to stand...
we're working on it!
Hello Miss Olivia, may I take your photo?
I'm pretty sure she said , "I suppose..."
Fun with Uncle Jay :) 
We loved sharing our new signs too, until "someone" started making up new signs... I'm pretty sure the sign for Easter has nothing to do with eggs or a bunny!


Fun with Madison!


Fun with Mommy! 

On to the Easter Baskets!
Go figure, even at this age, they passed right by the clothing and on to the toys, sheesh!
My favorite part of this photo might be Omi - see her?
George put them on himself! 

As I was taking these photos of my children in their Easter basket glasses, I realized... wow, I am my mothers child :)  Mo, you might have the monopoly on the hats, but I'm moving up the cheesy accessory foodchain!
Samuel, my man who loves sunglasses, was not interested in these lens-less pairs :)
Mama: Olivia, let me take your photo in your new glasses!
Olivia: No, thank you.
Madison: Olivia, smile at Mommy in your new glasses!
Olivia: Cheese!

And finally, the Easter Egg hunt!  Not sure if Olivia was just watching Daddy, or getting a preview of where to find the eggs :)  Regardless, we think she is absolutely beautiful!

Olivia's strategy was simple, place the basket in a central location and then run around collecting as many eggs as possible and run back to put them in the basket.  Much easier to run without holding your basket in your hand!
Showing off her collection of eggs :)
Oops!  George was such a big helper when Olivia's basket tipped over... then we realized he was pulling the "one for you, one for me" trick.  Ha ha!

George's approach was much more traditional, carry the basket and collect the eggs :)  He loved it!

Showing off his collection of eggs :)
Omi, the baskets were awesome!
Samuel, on the other hand, found the idea of collecting eggs in a basket a little silly.  After checking out an egg, he decided to head back to his outside toys for some fun :)

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