Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Month Off = More Time To Ride

We have an entire month OFF of traveling to MUSC! Back to firsts, this is definitely one of them! Actually, if you also consider me going to the high risk doctors before they were born... Geez! We're probably talking nearly 2 1/2 years. An entire month off!!!

This is cause for celebration, but let's be honest, it also causes me a bit of anxiety. I know, sad. I love our doctors and the information they give us - good or bad. I feel like the more we know, the better we can help our kiddos... and can help them to stay out of trouble.  But, you know it's bad when your doctor foresees it will cause you anxiety so he gives you a heads up that soon he won't need to see you Samuel as often :)  For example, ever since Samuel came home we have seen our pulmonary doctor every 3 weeks... that's every 3 weeks for the last year.  Isn't Dr. B so lucky :)  Ha ha!  Now it's every 6 weeks, and if our next appointment goes well, it could be 3 months before we see him again.  Ugh, it almost makes me nauseous to think of not seeing him for 3 months.  Don't get me wrong, I'll get over it, but I am incredibly thankful for the heads up :)

With all of our extra time, my gang hopes to improve their skills on their new rides (thank you Omi!)...

The cutest biker crew I ever did see... but don't tell them I said that :)

 I love my bicycle!

I love my bicycle!

I love my bicycle???

You're right Dad, this thing is pretty cool :)

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Allan and Caroline said...

I am speechless! Samuel on a bike?! (and of course the other two are precious)! What a miracle. Caroline C. (NNICU)