Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Heart News

(Post from June 25th... but today was good also, I can now post photos again!  Yea)

Today was a good day!  A busy day too, it went by much too quickly for my liking, but I'll take it because it was GOOD :)

First news, Samuel had a cardiology appointment - his first one since January, which is news in itself.  Not seeing the cardiologist for nearly five months was unheard of six months ago!  Also news is that Samuel's heart still looks GREAT!  He still has one hole (the ASD), but the pulmonary hypertension is still mild to absent.  The post from his last appointment talks about this in a little more detail.  We are still ecstatic!  A kid who needed nitric oxide normally would not be experiencing this kind of wonderful news less than two years later.  YEA SAMUEL!

Also wonderful was that he has been on a trial run of no heart meds since Sunday, and so far, so good.  Our med list is rapidly decreasing, and it feels so good to know that Samuel's body is starting to function more and more normally on it's own.  It also feels great not to be putting so much stuff into our boy :)

Second news, Samuel has officially shown an interest in philanthropy!  Our home medical supplies friend came today, and we cleared out everything in his room except oxygen, apnea monitor, pulse ox, feeding pump, and necessary accessories for those items.  Some of it Wendi could take back to the home medical company, for example the trache collar machine, but most of it was ours to keep.  Realizing he has no need for these things, Samuel will be donating his things to a medical missions team.  Feels good to be giving out medical supplies instead of needing them!

Samuel and most of the gear we were able to get rid of/donate this past week.  YEA!!!  And yes, I did say "most" of it, there was more in the garage.  Crazy!  Samuel wasn't too interested in posing... can't blame him, I did surprise him mid-lunch to take a photo :) 

Third news, all five of us have happy hearts after celebrating Madison's birthday this past weekend!  Birthday preparations and new sunglasses also made us happy... but the best part was singing Happy Birthday :)

Getting ready for the party - balloons in the pool are fun for everyone!

I think Samuel loves his daddy... and daddy loves his Samuel :)

Woo Hoo!  Bring on the birthday cake!
George and Olivia still don't quite understand... they've been asking for birthday cake since then and my explanation of "but it's not anyones birthday" doesn't seem to cut it :)

A little help from daddy...

Giving it my best shot...

Sitting back and soaking it all in :)

Chillin' with cousin Madison after a great day :)

The day after the birthday, it was off to the beach!  This is definitely our newest favorite place.  We've been trying to get there once per weekend, and so far we've had good luck, so everyone knows exactly what it means when we say "let's go to the beach!"  All three kiddos love it!

Samuel could play with the reeds all day!

Cousin Madison gives an excellent tutorial on building sand castles!

George loves digging and building!

George is also beginning to appreciate the surf board.  I don't have photos, but Uncle Jay and BB took George on a handful of short (shallow) rides and he loved it!

Off on another adventure :)  Samuel sees something he's interested in, and off he goes!  Whether that's the waves, a bird, a dog, or even painted toe nails.  Samuel makes friends everywhere he goes :)

Daddy and Olivia enjoying the water.

Olivia takes off to find dry land :)  She hasn't quite made up her mind, sometimes the waves are great, but not all the time!

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