Thursday, May 19, 2011

Swing Set!

You may remember the picture below... there were a few photos from this day posted here.  Now scroll down and check out our upgrade!!!

Lots of fun, but maybe a little bit of a tight squeeze :)  I'm pretty sure George is looking through the window because he can't open the door with both Samuel and Olivia inside the house too.  ha ha!

Woo Hoo!  We LOVE our swing set!!!

We have been wanting a swing set since we moved into this house!  Especially since last spring when the weather was gorgeous and we were playing outside all the time.  But let's be honest, they don't come terribly cheap.  Here's where the unbelievable part of the story starts... our friends (and now neighbors) gave us their swing set!  I got teary, DB almost fell over, and Omi was all choked up.  What an incredible gift!  The Blake's have two teenage daughters, and when they heard we were saving up for a swing set (and may have briefly considered "borrowing" one from an empty house in the neighborhood - joking!) they had a family meeting and decided to give us this fabulous swing set. 

For those of you in as much disbelief as I still am every time I look in my backyard... yes, things like this actually still happen in neighborhoods and communities :) 

I got zero photos of them moving it in and setting it up - I think I was still in shock it was happening.  Blake's, you are amazing!  Not only are the swings a beloved item by my children, it also allows daily vestibular therapy, mostly needed by Samuel and George.  YEA!  Also, Olivia and George have perfected the slide all by themselves :)  Best gift, ever!  (If anyone has ANY idea how to say thank you for something like this, I'm all ears!)

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