Sunday, September 4, 2011

Recap from Mo and Do

It's been a month since Mo and Do visited... but photos last forever :)  (How's that excuse for my lame lateness on posting these?!)

We love to read with Mo!

George was fascinated with Mo's scooter, and wanted to know what every little thing was...

...and how every little thing worked!

I have a feeling this is just a small example of things to come, Olivia telling Do all about her day...

... and sharing laughs :)

Wee!  Push us higher, Do!

Nothing like a little back scratcher after bath time :)

Not sure who is leading the conversation!

Go Olivia!  Look at that concentration...
I can't wait until she can ride her tricycle all by herself!
Dressing up is a daily occurrence in our house :)
We went to visit Mo and Do where they are staying...
George and Olivia absolutely loved this little house!
Samuel loved the view! 
And go figure, BB loved the conversation ;) Ha ha! 

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