Sunday, August 28, 2011

Little Red Dog Foundation

What a great organization!  The Little Red Dog Foundation does incredible things for incredible people :)  On Wednesday, August 17th, they gave Samuel, Olivia, and George wheels... in particular, they gave Samuel a new found freedom of movement.

That day, the LRDF presented five children with AmTrykes, therapeutic tricycles.  Of my three, Samuel's tryke has more bells and whistles, including the hand peddles that, among other things, aid in learning to walk, but all three increase strength and coordination. 

Such a celebration, with, as the LRDF puts it, "hope and courage to follow" :)  (Laura, huge thank you for the photos and kudos on the write up in the paper!!!)

Pre-tryke entertainment included balloon animals from a clown and Popsicles - woo hoo!

Of course, the best pre-tryke entertainment was Omi :)

Samuel getting fitted for his tryke by two of his favorite friends...

... and ready to go!  Come on guys!!

No worries, Samuel has a new friend :) 
Love it, looks like they've been buddies for years, just riding along and chatting.

Meanwhile, Olivia gets fitted...

(Something to keep in mind, this was during the first week of school and both Olivia and George wanted NO ONE besides mommy... it was nuts.  I felt bad for the people trying to help them... I'm amazed there are a few photos in which they are near other people and not crying.)

George takes a turn pushing :)

Wee!  Why is BB pushing both?  Well...

... everyone tried to be helpful, DB (above), Rachel, Omi, therapists, but as I mentioned above, these two didn't want anyone else pushing them.  Gee, I'm glad they appear so grateful.

Our cruising crew!

Riding in style :)

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