Friday, May 4, 2012

Weekend Fun

A weekend with "aunt" Brooke is never dull :)  Not only did I get some fun girl time, but the kids got her endless smile and energy!  We also got some great pictures... but now that I look over them, we were both taking all our picture of the kids!  Not a single one of the two of us.  Sad.  And, there are hardly any of anybody with the kids... just them!  Watch out Brooke, I'm going to keep this in mind for next time :)

The Farmers Market was having an Earth Day celebration, with lots of animals and other fun things... and with George and Olivia's school doing so many projects with estuaries, they were completely intrigued with the turtles, snakes, etc..  Side note, the first time I heard my then-2-year old say estuary, I realized I needed to read up a bit to be prepared for questions... ha!

There was also live music, of course lots of veggies to pick out, the incredible bread that George requests every time we suggest the Farmers Market, the boiled peanuts which the kids love sucking the salty water from, and lots of space to run.

This photo is so telling... George is right in there, checking it out... while Olivia is a bit more hesitant and prides herself on simply touching things that might be gross with the tip of her finger :)

Brooke brought a few belated birthday presents... a new friend for Samuel, and a new box of dress up clothes!!  Best ideas... of course Samuel loved his new buddy, and Olivia and George were thrilled!  Above, George attempted to try on everything at once :)  

Once she was able to pry a few pieces from George, Olivia put together a few of her own ensembles.  My fashion girl!

Going for walks is always a favorite :)

As is the post-walk bike ride!

 I had to include this close up... while Olivia picked up peddling her own bike a bit quicker, George continues to get better and better, and this day was one of his best yet.  When his told us his "magic boots" were helping him, we couldn't help but smile right along with him.  (Huge kudos to Olivia for sharing!)

Olivia, on the other hand, was so pleased to be learning a new trick... no hands!  
No reason to explain the physics of three wheels vs two yet, ha ha!

No weekend visit is complete without the beach!
Samuel couldn't stop running :)

George and Olivia collected shells and wanted to show off each one, and talk about what they looked like :)

Yes, David was there this weekend, too :)

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