Wednesday, April 25, 2012

See you when?!

A quick post about our day today... we had a few appointments, and as usual got lots of feedback and info to process... but something happened today that has never happened before.  After seeing one of our 'ologists, we did NOT schedule a follow up appointment.  AGH!  We're finished with one specialist, mark it off the list!

Of course, as I was smiling a mile wide I told the doctor I would probably have a mini panic attack some time in the next week :)  He humored me, laughed, and said of course I could always call if I needed to.  I think his tactic worked, no panic yet!

As you can see in the picture below, Samuel was obviously quite at ease at the hospital that day... ha ha!  The receptionist said that a child sleeping in the waiting room was a first!  Then, he slept through most of the exam, too... but still won't take a nap when it's time.  Stinker.

Speaking of the hospital, below are a few photos from another recent trip to Charleston when we took the whole family to a few of Samuel's appointments.  DB and I have always talked about wanting to walk over this bridge with the kiddos, it was one of our theraputic activities when things were pretty bad in the NICU.  We always said we couldn't wait until they were big enough, and healthy enough, to go with us :)  That day is here - hooray!

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