Monday, August 13, 2012

Surgery Success!

I'm still in shock... we're already home from surgery!  A longer post is coming soon, with some pictures that will bring a huge smile to your face, but I wanted to give the good news now!

More details to come too (sorry, I'm completely whooped and needing to crawl into bed), but in general the surgery was a huge success!  Not only does the patch in Samuel's heart look great - no leaks and the pressures look good, but his lungs held up beautifully.  In fact, his lungs acted "normal" :)  This is amazing!!!

We came home yesterday, way before anyone anticipated, and are settling back into life at home.  DB and I are anxious for his chest to heal, but Samuel is a complete rock star and is handling everything with his usual easy-breezy style :)  In fact, to prove his incredibleness, as if that was necessary, he walked out of the hospital yesterday... walked... on his own!  Who does that three days after open heart?!  Go Samuel :)


Lindsey said...

such wonderful news! rejoicing with you guys! will continue to pray for more miraculous healing!!

Proud Mum said...

Amazing!!! Way to go Samuel!!!!