Friday, October 26, 2012

Pre-Halloween Fun

Our fall fun started with a wonderful fall festival and a community downtown trick-or-treat... gotta love our town!  This year is even more fun than last (I have a feeling I'll be saying that for years to come, ha!), because the kids are old enough now that they really get excited.  The wonder of holidays is incredible to see in their faces!  In fact, they have already mapped out which holiday happens next... although they don't quite understand why they can't dress up and be another character for Christmas.

The Fall Festival was at the school where DB and I work, and it is definitely a highlight.  It's a great, family, festival with booths manned by the students.  Adorable!  
Also, we got to see DB in the dunking booth... haha!

There were enough holes for everyone!
You should have seen Olivia, absolutely adamant she was only going to be the cat.

George learns to putt from one of my favorite 10th graders, and a swimmer :) 

This was HUGE!  I mentioned face painting to Olivia and she looked at me like I was crazy... just why would anyone paint on their face?!  Then she saw Caitlyn (in the background) with a cute pumpkin on her face... and asked the face painters if they could make a princess.  When they replied "yes", Olivia was sold!  Although, note the completely tense body position, ha!

I love my princess!  (And I was seriously impressed!)

George, on the other hand, thought purposely painting on your face sounded awesome!   I'm pretty sure he was happy about the cute girl painting it, too :)

Check out my cool pumpkin!

Samuel wasn't much into the face painting, but this balloon brought hours (literally) of laughs!  Although, at one point he was so fixated on the balloon that he wandered away - agh!

The kiddos were joined at the festival by one of their best friends from school, who was already dressed up to head downtown and trick-or-treat.  Needless to say, my kids wanted to change into their costumes the minute they saw Evelyn!

Gotta love those sweet moments between friends :)

Off we went to trick-or-treat downtown!  This is an annual event, but our first time going.  The trick-or-treating was a little nutty, but we all enjoyed walking and seeing all the costumes.  People are so creative!  It was also nice to experience our first witch costume in broad daylight, ha!  If we would have seen her in the dark, I'm pretty sure Olivia would have actually passed out.

George the Garbage Man!  He picked this for his costume early on, and was so excited!  Trashy Town is still a favorite book, and let's face it, garbage trucks are super cool.  I have to say, I'm seriously impressed with the little trashcan that DB made.

Samuel as Batman!
My mom actually sent this, complete with a handmade cape!  She also sent Spider Man and Wonder Woman, also with handmade capes.  They are the coolest! George wears the spider man all the time, but so far Olivia is really just into the handmade headband with jewels and the shiny blue skirt, sigh. 

And of course Fancy Nancy there in the middle :)
Hysterical because she's  Fancy Nancy every day!  Gotta love a book that teaches words like iridescent, bonjour, expert, plume, and fuchsia... just to name a few. 

Omi and her boys after a wonderful, long, afternoon :)  

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