Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall is officially here!

It wouldn't be fall without... the Pumpkin Patch!  Sure, the cooler weather is nice, and there's nothing like sitting by the fire, but the trip to the pumpkin patch each year seals the deal - it's time for the holidays to begin :)

Memory lane, here we come... our first trip to the Pumpkin Patch, only two years ago.  Wow.

How about this one?! 

The pumpkin was THIIIIIIS big! 

And just why can't I have both?! 

Team work :) 

Hey guys, check this out! 

Rah!!!!  Did I scare you, mom?! 

Welcome to my "house"! 

Also great fun were the hay, horses, goats (who ate cheerios from our hands), pigs, etc.  
Love this place! 

Of course we couldn't resist a lap around the patch :)
(Notice Josh has a camera... even better photos of the patch trip to come soon!) 

George also has a camera, though you might not know it... see that peace sign necklace?
He was pretending to snap photos like crazy, and of course texting them to everyone.  If you're not on the distribution list, you really should be... ha!  Even better were the "responses" he got from the folks he sent photos to.  Hilarious!!

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