Monday, November 17, 2008

Baby A

Today was our second doctors appointment in Charleston... we go every two weeks here in Beaufort, and every four weeks to Charleston. The best part about so many appointments is that we get to see the babies every two weeks!! Because we have three, they do ultrasounds every time!!

(Just FYI - we go to Charleston as well as Beaufort because it's a Level III NICU, and more than likely the babies will be born there. Beaufort is a Level II, so if everything goes absolutely perfectly, than maybe we could be here... but so far even most of the doctors recommend Charleston for triplets.)

SO - love all my doctors and have a fantastic ultrasound woman here in Beaufort... but I have to say that one cool thing about Charleston is the 3-D ultrasounds! Here are a few photos from todays appointments... which, by the way, really makes me wish I had posted four weeks ago - that way you could really see the difference! It's shocking how much has changed! They're still a little alienish :), but much more like little people now!

For today, Baby A... (regular are good, but 3D were tough to get) Baby B and C to come...

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