Saturday, November 15, 2008

Half way!

It has been an awesome week! We're officially half-way! Craziness... we're going to have three babies... and before spring break!! Guess it's still sinking in a little more every day :)

So, back to the awesome week... lots happened!
  • We completed our 18th week of pregnancy!
  • I can feel the babies! It's so crazy... if I lie on my back my belly kind of flattens out - then it's a waiting game. Out of nowhere one entire side (about the size of a plam-full) of my stomach raises up about an inch... they're too small still for me to see an elbow or a foot or anything... so I'm thinking it's an entire little body. My guess is they're playing leapfrog in there, but can't quite get all the way over :) Yesterday it was all Baby B... today all Baby A!
  • I'm growing like crazy - I bought my first maternity clothes today :) A few great friends helped me out this week with things I could wear to work when I realized that my clothes weren't fitting anymore - thank you - and today was the first actual shopping. While not neccesarily attractive, I have to say that prego pants are quite comfortable!
  • This was the first week I could really tell when I missed out on one of my prescribed rests. If I missed one, by the end of the day it felt like there was a bowling ball in the bottom of my belly - the pressure is intense. Who knew, the doctors do know what they're talking about! It's certainly made me take better care of myself :)
  • I'm even more convinced that David is the best husband ever!!!

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