Sunday, November 2, 2008

16 weeks - we're pregnant?

Morning! We are a few days past the 16-week mark - YEA! We celebrate every week - I guess that's just how it goes for anxious, first-time parents :)

Four months down! Only 20 weeks to go... I think I'm still in disbelief. It's so crazy - we talk about the babies at least every hour, but in a way I feel like I'm still getting used to the idea that I'm actually pregnant! I look down and it's obvious I'm pregnant (belly photos coming soon), and I look at my day-to-day eating and sleeping perscriptions and know I've got to be pregnant, but it's all still so surreal... when will it hit me?

I started really thinking about this yesterday after a few great phone chats :) One was with my cousin who is an amazing mom to 3 kids, and the other was with one of my bff's who just had her first baby 6-weeks ago... it was so good to talk with each of them, and talk about a reality check! I LOVE talking to friends and family about the babies - I always get off the phone super excited... all of your enthusiasm pumps mine up even more :) Yesterday was of particular significance because I think I've officially entered the "beg for advice" stage. I know, I've heard a thousand times that I'll get tired of all the advice I hear over the next few months... but right now, I think I'm starting to realize that I'm actually pregnant and starting to scramble a little bit... the panic of not only how in the world do I know HOW to get ready, and the age-old how will I find TIME to get ready?! Anyway, the girls were awesome :) Good advice, practical advice, talk of the good times but also not sparing me the not-so-fun stuff - and all with love and enthusiasm. LOVE girlfriends!

Also, friends and family have started planning baby showers - I am so lucky to have such good peeps! But, it is SO weird that they're planning baby showers for US! I just can't get over it... especially when asked if we've registered. Registered for what?! Where's the manual that spells this out for me? Girls - I'll be calling :)

We've talked about wanting to have a baby for what feels like a long time... and both of us have always known we want to have kiddos running around... I guess maybe it's just still surreal that this is actually coming true for us. It might be the hormones, but every time I think about how lucky we are I get all teary... WE get to have babies!

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