Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bathing Beauty

George isn't the only baby who looks adorable taking a bath! We think Olivia is a huge fan :) She's had a few tub baths - and from what we've seen, she likes the water too! So far, so good :) (We can't WAIT until Samuel is big and strong enough for his first bath!) A few shots of our bathing beauty...

Hmmm... this isn't so bad!

Wait a second... maybe it is bad?! But these bubbles are pretty awesome!

Excuse me, you in the blue plastic suit - whatcha doin'?

Now THIS is the life :) Chillin...

Sign me up for another one of those, please!

**Quick update from my last post - Samuel is still off the ventilator! It's not close to easy for him to breathe yet, but he's fighting to stay off the ventilator and on CPap! Plus, he's got great nurses and doctors fighting for him too :) Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!**


Rikki said...

Wow. You can really see a change in her. She seems to be growing nicely (great job mom and dad!) and is the most beautiful baby girl. The bubbly pics are so darn cute!

Go Samuel! Keep on keepin' baby boy!

Lindsey said...

beautiful pictures! i agree, you can definitely tell they are growing well. love to hear the progress. continuing to think about you guys. glad you had time with family!