Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday DB! Your first birthday as a dad :) Amazing!

His birthday was actually yesterday, Tuesday, but by the time the celebration was over, it was too late to post :) What a great evening we had! We spent time with the babies (DB's mom was here too!), went to a tasty dinner, and then came back to spend time with the babies and have birthday cake with our awesome nurses. Oh how life has changed - there was nothing we would have rather done for a birthday celebration :) And, the babies all had an especially good day - happy birthday Dad!

Yes, I am going to tell you how awesome DB is, but I'll try to keep it brief :) Cheers to a great husband and father! I couldn't ask for a more loving, supportive, encouraging, fun-loving, man... and lucky me, he's mighty good lookin' too :) Just one example of his greatness... for the past few weeks he has been working a full work week, taking care of the dogs, and keeping the homefront in check - and driving over every weekend and at least a few weekdays each week to spend time with me and the babies. It is at least a 75-90 minute drive each way! All this, and nothing but a smile on his face when he gets here :) Love you DB!

A few photos from yesterday...

I wish you could see this birthday card a little closer! The nurses made it, and put each of the babies' little handprints on it! It was the best gift :) (That's Samuel with us!)

What do you want for your birthday? How about changing a diaper - yea! (George was the lucky winner :) )

A great birthday - cuddle time with each baby :)

Red cheeks when we, nurses included, sing happy birthday :)

Time to serve the cake!


Rikki said...

Happy Birthday DB!

I am so glad that you and BB found each other. Kudo's for being such a studmuffin these past few weeks (though I suspect you have been studly for quite some time now).

Hugs to you, your gorgeous wife and your darling little babies!


Lindsey said...

Happy (late) birthday Dave! glad to hear babies are doing well. keep us posted on their progress. thinking of you guys!

Jerry said...

David and Bethany, Am still saying prayers daily for the five of you. When you bring one or two babies home and need to go back to Charleston to visit one or two, please know that I am just a few blocks away from you and will be glad to baby sit for free. Hope all continues to go well for everyone. My friend, Heather Bowers, had twin girls this morning at BM, and she and the babies have been moved to Charleston. I talked with her an hour ago and told her to look forward to meeting you. Her husband is overseas and can't get home until the 16th. Have a Happy Easter, Jerry Stocks