Monday, March 16, 2009

A good week

LOTS of reasons to celebrate this past week! It was a busy one... but from what I hear, that's normal when you have kids :)

First, we had family in town! We are lucky to have some local family too :) But last week we also had visitors from far away - DB's brother and stepmom from Virginia, and BB's mom and dad from Arizona. What a treat! This alone could be the subject of a really long post - we had such a great time! Both were visiting on their spring break's (DB's brother is a senior in high school... and BB's dad is both teaching college and taking classes) - we felt so special that they were able to come and be with us during their breaks! Family is so important, and it was such a blessing that they were able to come and meet the babies. I'm telling you - photos are good - but in person, these babies will take your breath away :) No, of course I'm not biased! ha ha! There is absolutely nothing like sharing this experience with your family.

Second, the babies are having a great week! Briefly - Samuel came off of the ventilator on Saturday night! More details to come soon... but for right now, we really need prayers that he can stay off of the ventilator. So far, he's a little rock star on his CPap (gives him oxygen, but doesn't breathe for him like the ventilator)! But, the meds they gave him to heal his lungs are starting to wear off... by Tuesday afternoon they will be out of his system and we will know what's really going on. DB and I are excited, anxious, and optimistic! Also, all babies had great reports on their initial preemie eye exams :) YEA!

George has started to wear "man pants"!

Yes, it's a BB term... love seeing babies in little pants :)

Olivia sleeping with her tongue sticking out - as usual!
Lucky girl, she's still beautiful :)

Samuel just before the ventilator came out... "after" photos coming soon - without all that tape we can see his face again! I think the little hand trying to pull the tube out is a fairly good sign that he didn't like it!


The Mommy said...

Awe. I was just thinking and praying for you guys this morning. They are getting so big. My Alivia ALWAYS had her tongue stuck out too! SO CUTE! Thanks for keeping up posted. We miss you guys, please let us know if you need anything at all.

Meredith, Victoria and Vaughn said...

I LOVE THEM! I think i want to be Olivia's friend she always looks like she is having so much fun! WHAT CUTIES YOU HAVE! LUCKY MOMMY! We will keep praying but i am glad to see them doing so well .... and yes they are always cuter in person! (but i can tell they are perfect in the pics too:-)