Friday, May 1, 2009

From Us

Hi everyone! Olivia and George here! I know what you're thinking... man, aren't kids tech savvy these days! And yes, we are :)

Mom keeps going on and on about needing to post on the blog, but not knowing where the time goes... we're not sure what that means - we can tell her exactly where the time goes! And dad is busy between hanging with us and the kids at school. So, we thought we would do our part and update the blog!

It's been three weeks since we came home! Man, do we love it here! So much to tell, and we have some cool photos to share...

First, we really miss our brother! Samuel is still hanging out with the nurses at the NNICU - we've tried to get a message to him that it's WAY better at home, but we're not sure he got it. (He's a little spoiled with all of the attention he gets :) ) Mom, dad, Omi, and "aunt" Sarah go to visit him every day, and it sounds like he's doing well! If everything goes perfectly, he could be home in the next 4-6 weeks. We are hoping his lungs stay strong! Mom will have to update you with the specifics... all we know is that we can't wait for him to come home.

We have had lots of visitors! First, cousins Elizabeth and Gary came to visit us in the NNICU and were here when we got home! They were GREAT! Mom and dad weren't sure what the heck to do with two babies at home, so it was really nice that they were here to help out :) Dad had our rooms organized, and Elizabeth did our laundry and organized all our stuff... man, do we have a lot of stuff! Who knew babies could go through so many burp cloths in one day?! Luckily, mom sure seems to enjoy the laundry room - she's in there all the time! Gary helped put a lot of our things together and it turns out he is a great cuddler :) They even took infant CPR and got trained on our apnea monitors - mom and dad got to leave the house at the same time to go see Samuel!

Our Omi lives down the street, so we get to see her all the time! Every exchange between her and our mom and dad seems to include "love you" and "thank you" :)

Our "aunt" Brooke came to visit too... she stayed with us and helped with our 2am meal time. You would be amazed at how much energy our mom and dad had that weekend!

We're pretty sure we live in a really cool town! Lots of people come over to help mom and dad feed us, and they all seem awesome! We each take anywhere from 20-60 minutes to eat (we're getting better!), and we eat every three hours, so all these incredible people helping out allows us to spend some quality time instead of always feeling rushed. Plus, most nights mom or dad is with Samuel, so it's really nice to have some company :) There are also people that bring yummy dinners - we may not be able to dig in yet, but our noses love it - and some who even walk the dogs! (Huge thank you to our church and school families for coordinating AND volunteering!!!!)

Check it out, we have two cool dogs too! Who knew?! They're really funny - Belle likes to sniff us a lot and then sit right next to us and stare :) (In this photo, we're going for our first walk!)

Some other fav's...

First doctor's appointment in Beaufort! Above, George - below, Olivia. We love Dr. Kurt!
There's bath time at home too - and Olivia loves it! YEA!!

George just chillin...

Olivia reading with cousin Kelley! (She just got here today - yea!)

Dad and George :)

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Elizabeth said...

G & O - Great posting!! And, thanks for the mention - BUT Gary and I had way more fun than you did!! We love you and miss you - and are not at all surprised that you can post to the blog. It feels like so long since we have seen you that we thought you might be walking by now!! Be sure to send our hugs and kisses to Samuel. The three of you will be so happy to be together again.

By the way - since you are so tech savvy - could you please get skype and a camera so we can 'talk' (and see you) to you via the computer!!

All our love and lots of hugs and kisses to you (maybe you could give the same to your Mom and Dad, too, because we miss them too!!)!! Love - E&G