Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ho Hum... Hallelujah!

After an extremely "ho hum" week, this past Sunday busted us right back onto the speeding rollercoaster! You see, compared to previous weeks, we had a very normal week... no high peaks and no dipping lows... just coasting right along. It was kind of nice to just enjoy normal baby stuff :)

During our "normal" week, we even went out to dinner for the first time with the babies! It was great!! Of course, we went with reinforcements in case things got out of control :)

Then, on Sunday, it happened! We are soaring once again! Samuel came off the ventilator!!! We are so excited!! He has come off of the ventilator before, and I have had a hard time getting too excited because we've been there and done that... but I have decided I've got to just let go! I can't worry about tomorrow. I have to celebrate today :) And today, our littlest baby is off the ventilator! YEA!

Above: On the ventilator... sleeping :)

Below: OFF the ventilator (on CPAP! Looks more painful, but much better for the lungs!)

I couldn't choose between these two - so you get to see them both!

George and Olivia have had a great week too! Olivia has started giving smiles on purpose! And George is right behind her with one or two :) If there was a way to bottle that feeling of the first time your baby smiles at you and means it someone could make billions! It is absolutely incredible! (Side note - one of the cutest things I've heard - when they smile involuntarily they're not having gas... they're just still new enough to remember and dream about heaven :) Wish I could remember who told me that so I could give credit where it's due. I love it!)

Once you are able to see past the red pants, check out this cutie patootie!

Dad is officially wrapped around that tiny little pinkey finger :)

Lovin' life!


Rikki said...

Yay! Great attitude about things B! Your kids are all so dang cute.

Question- Is Samuel blonder than the other two? Just wondering if it was just the pics or if he was more fair than his brother and sister.

I can see that DB is a smitten kitten with Olivia. There is just something about little girls that seem to turn their daddy's to mush.

You are SO right about the smiles. They make all of the crappy/stressful/sleepless moments totally worth it.

You are both doing so well. The babies are lucky to have such great parents (although I am sure you could argue that you are lucky to have such great babies).

Love and hugs to all,

Vicki said...

We are singing for Samuel and dancing for dinner out!
God is good!
And all 5 of you are making Him smile!
hugs all around!
Aunt Vicki