Tuesday, November 24, 2009

#300 was excellent!

Yep, Monday was Day of Life 300... just one of the things you probably only know if you've been in the hospital too long :) Hmmm... should we start with the great appointment that George and Olivia had, the incredible meeting we had with Samuel's doctors, the family photo, or the new house?! Yes, really, all in one day, #300 to be exact - and all were fantastic. How about we start with, whew!

I will just have to do lots of posts this week, because I'm a talker and simply can't fit all of that into one post. :) We have to start with the Samuel news!

IF everything goes according to plan, Samuel could be home in early/mid January! We have to keep in mind that we have passed many possible "come home" dates... but at the same time we are over the moon that our little guy could be home in 6 weeks! Just before his 1st birthday!

The surgery team thinks he is now strong enough for his g-tube and the nissen - yea! Hopefully he will be scheduled for surgery in the next 10 days. After surgery Samuel will most likely take a few steps backward on his respiratory status. But, the team is very optimistic that he will turn it around and be back to his current "normal" in no time. According to his pulmonologist his new "normal" is good enough to come home! Soon he will even be moved onto the home vent (there's no such thing as home CPap) in preparation to leave the hospital. So, pending a successful surgery, successful feeding through the g-tube and with the new nissen in place, and a few more drug weens, this could really happen. Samuel could really come home.

Not gonna lie, I am a bundle of emotions. Catch me one second and I'm swinging from the rooftops laughing and smiling, catch me another and I'm totally overwhelmed and teary. Luckily the teary usually happens when I'm by myself... I really shouldn't listen to my christian music station when I'm alone in the car. God is good! Sometimes I'm overwhelmed with joy... sometimes with amazement... sometimes with fear. I'm not scared to bring Samuel home - I've never wanted anything more in my entire life and I know the NICU team will prepare us - but he is just so special and I want to do everything right. At this point in my life, I completely understand there is no "right way" when it comes to parenting, but I want to try :)

Thinking about Samuel coming home also reminds me that he has been in the hospital for almost a year. I know that sounds crazy, but I just can't believe it's been that long. We have so much catching up to do!

Yes, #300 was defintely a good day.

Whew! All this good news is making me tired! I've been workin' hard!

Getting ready for Christmas :) And teeth! They are just under the surface and driving Samuel crazy.

Gotta love story time! Who knew there was more to the itsy bitsy spider than the first verse?!

George showing off his skills :)

I love my shoelaces... the string on the balloon... and this fantastic cord on the camera! You can take my picture any time!

I can't believe mom and dad were about to throw away the best part of the mail... the envelope! Christmas should be fun this year :)

Teething buscuits (thank you Rachel!)... awfully messy, but awfully funny too!

Little girls are entirely too much fun to dress up... especially when they start wearing shoes!

Pretty little "oso" :)

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Lindsey said...

again, awesome pictures. samuel in the santa hat is great! and i personally love the one of you reading to him. congrats on the new house too!